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A little boy that speaks to animals. His parents dont know what to do with him. He is not in school yet but his mother says he will be ok when he starts school he needs help but they are afraid to tell anyone they think they will send him off to a mental insutit he has many brothers and sisters there names are john mcdonlad beth mcdonald coral mcdonlad. then the female badger comes around the boy finds it and starts commicating with it before long thats all the boy was doing his parentes did not know about it yet the boy really didnt care if they found out all the boy knew was he had a new friend that he could talk to every day without other people laughing at him or talking about him behind his back but he thought to his self and said they dont matter to me the female badger was soon to have her babies the male badger had left her and said he would find her but the female badger didnt really want him to find her! Most of her babies died though the birth and she knew that if they wasnt going to died during the birht it would be shorlty afterwards. Even know she wanted her babies she knew she wasnt going to be able to take care of them she barely took care of her self. The boy wasnt there but he knew something wwas wrong so he went off to find her when he found her there was one baby alive just one he said to the badger i knew something was wrong but i couldnt get out of my house the badger said its fine but i need to ask you for a favor take my only baby badger thats alive and carry it to your house so thats what he done and the mother badger died.

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