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Lise Meitner

Lise Meitner was born on November 7, 1878. She was the third of eight children of a Viennese Jewish Family. At a young age she began to notice that her mathematical and physics skills were beyond normal. Lise attended Vienna University in 101. She received her doctorate degree in 106. Lise Meitner realizing there would be no work in Vienna she moved to Berlin where she went to the University of Berlin and began her collaborations with Otto Hahn. The first important result of this collaboration was an important technique for purifying radioactive material that took advantage of the recoil energy of atoms produced in alpha decay. Despite only planning on staying in Berlin for a year, she stayed for over thirty. Although she officially retired in 147, It wasnt until 160 that she gave up working professionally, having moved to Cambridge, England in 158. She died on the 7th of October 168, a few days short of her 0th birthday.

In 14, following the Fermi’s experiment on neutron bombardment in Rome, Hahn and Meitners collaboration became more direct. Fermis experiments showed that when a heavy element is bombarded with neutrons, a heavier isotope of that element is formed. On November 1, 18, Hahn met secretly with Meitner in Copenhagen. Hahn and Strassmann performed further tests on a uranium product they thought was radium. When they found that it was in fact barium, they published their results in Naturwissenschaften (January 6, 1). Simultaneously, Meitner and Frisch explained (and named) nuclear fission, using Bohrs liquid drop model of the nucleus; their paper appeared in Nature (February 11, 1). The proof of fission required Meitner and Frischs physical insight as much as the chemical findings of Hahn and Strassmann.

I think Lise Meitner was a very profound physicist. She overcame a lot of obstacles being a woman and a physicist. Lise is regarded as a feminist icon for her efforts and achievements. It was highly difficult for a woman to fit in to the conservative, closed world of high level science. In her university days, she was perhaps the only woman in a lecture theatre of 100 men. Some professors were embracing, others begrudging and many were openly hostile to women in their classes. I am not important Why is everybody making such a fuss over me?’ said Lise Meitner. She thought little of her work perhaps because she was a woman. She had lots of goals and achieved them. She worked hard no matter what others thought of it. In 145, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Otto Hahn for the discovery of nuclear fission, Although this was partly Lise’s Discovery too. She never once said anything of the misjudgment, therefore realizing Lise just was happy to discover nuclear fusion and be apart of that. She was later honored for her part in that experiment.

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