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The November evenings were really vaticinating a gelid winter.

The bonfire was intelligently structured and burned flamboyantly; reminding the denizens of Willow Bunch the greatness of warmth. Here and there a few lucky sparks would break loose from the ordinary; but its negligible brilliance was instantaneously devoured by the endless dark, vanishing into nothingness.

I glanced around as I exerted to tighten my skates. Eunice was breathtaking as always. The caliginous light of the blaze seemed to have overlaid her graceful visage with an untraceable veil of mystique. I was blessed by every minute of her presence---I should be, for we have recently engaged to wed at Christmas. I gently held on to her impeccable hands as we led the participants of the skating party onto the expansive ice. Her exquisite figure was embraced by a luxurious coat with velvety hare fur adeptly stitched to the cuff, fending her from the frore weather of early winter.

Delia did not react noticeably to the news, perhaps was even a touch phlegmatic, I thought to myself as I continued the ice waltz with several other girls, consciously eluding her. Being in wedlock herself with an opulent entrepreneur, maybe she has merely responded to the best of her abilities¡Xhappy for her sister Eunice¡¦s matrimony, despite it was probably not the best of events that had to ever call upon her attendance.

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It was Delia whom I had first encountered, and it was genuinely love at first sight. Her gleeful and worriless personality was captivating. Nevertheless, the very fact that she was married quickly drove me to the endeavor of dissipating my jejune emotions. Surprisingly, I was not quite successful in doing so. Frankly, the primary reason of my commitment with Eunice was her prominent resemblance to her younger sister, who was the first to seize my heart and was evidently infeasible to resist.

The time had ultimately arrived as Delia and I pirouetted out of the vision of others. It was a taciturn trip, for neither of us had any luck finding an opportune moment to initiate a conversation. In deathlike quietude we skated, oblivious of time and distance alike-until I internally soliloquized that ¡§Eunice deserves better¡¨, and headed back to the scope of the bonfire¡¦s radiance. Eunice was perceptibly upset about the conjectural intimacy between me and Delia; the atmosphere swiftly grew awkward and uneasy. Wanting to abate the tension, I suggested Eunice to skate with Delia. Perhaps it was not the most efficacious solution to the momentary antagonism; but maybe the icy temperature of the night would contribute to the goal of pacifying their fury, or so I figured.

It was not long after I gazed upon the two elegant silhouettes fading into the darkness that the cries for survival were heard---apparently their slender figure still exceeded the capacity of the brittle surface. For a brief period the sense of astonishment and fear paralyzed my movement; fortunately, this unexpected paralysis did not sustain for long as I fleetly recomposed and galloped to the rescue. The men synergized seamlessly for we knew that the nipping water left little mercy. Grasping the ankles, a chain of men was speedily constructed. I moved hastily towards the victims as I headed the chain; but the hair-erecting tremble beneath coerced me to remain gingerly.

I was there! I could clearly hear the desperate calls as I lastly clutched onto the edge of the crack. Suddenly, a horrifying reality unveiled itself as I realized that I could only save one of the two. There was positively no time for advisement and balancing; nevertheless, as I espied a pair of arms wrapped in soaked white fur, a thought quickly flashed in my mind. Although it was merely a fraction of a second, I seemed to have made the hardest decision that I would ever have to make. Two streams of sorrowful tear effused from the corner of my eyes and froze into gleaming icicles as they descended along my cheek.

I soulfully fixated upon the fur-cuffed arms, and firmly gripped onto the other pair.

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