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Throughout history, differences in languages and cultural customs have been barriers between different civilizations. Divergent evolution has created multiple groups of the same species; many of these groups are so greatly diversified that it is nearly impossible to distinguish their common lineage. Misunderstandings between different ethnic (cultural) groups have lead to disputes, even fighting and war. Krakens are no exception in this matter. The peaceful Alderstigen [-Udyr] are very different from the younger cousins, the fierce Ohövlig [-Udyr]. They are different in ways that have for millennia caused fighting and disputes among humans and monsters alike. The Alderstigen are essentially “gentle-giants”, probably something the barbarous Ohövlig see as a weakness. Traditionally bullies have picked on the weak or in this case, the Alderstigen. In reality, however, the Alderstigen are not weak, they can defend themselves quite well, but they choose not to fight; an Ohövlig would probably see this as a challenge, leading to a Ohövlig challenging an Alderstigen. It is no surprise that the two groups do not readily mix with each other.

Perhaps it is because the Alderstigen are mostly vegetarians and small-fish eaters, but they get along with other species quite well. This could also be attributed to their civilized “speech”, something that the Ohövlig lack. As stated above the Ohövlig are barbarians, especially compared to the Alderstigen. They look for a good fight wherever they can find it and their society is based on who is the strongest in battle. This custom would seem barbarian to the peaceful, more intelligent, and wiser Alderstigen who have learned to coexist with their surroundings and even to make friends with other species. (For example, some Frusa Jungfru can tell tales told to them by Alderstigen.) Because they communicate with a telepathic language, they cannot converse directly with humans or other beings who speak purely by mouth speech, or other physical means. It seems though that the Alderstigen are more understanding, and perhaps loners, than their Ohövlig brethren.

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