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Winter ( ) __________ a comparison study of the Cardio-Pneumo-Psychograph (CPP) and Association method in the detection of guilt. Winters applied a laboratory technique to assist with the detection of guilt in relation to a rash of thefts occurring in the woman’s dormitory. Although participation was not mandatory every woman in the dorm volunteered to participate in the experiment. The association test was a partial replication of Jung’s association test to suit a situation? _________________________________ Dunlap’s chronoscope was used to measure reaction time. The CPP test used a Baumanometer to measure breathing and heart rate.

Three factors were tested in this experiment breathing, blood pressure, and association. A scale value was adopted to indicate significance levels for each test. Significance values were represented as 0,1, and . A value of 0 indicated no significance or no indication of possible guilt, a value of 1 had some significance or possibility of guilt, and a value of indicated a distinct significance of guilt.( winters )

For the present paper, we are interested in the association test. Criteria used to gauge significance of reaction time were as follows

(a) to be considered significant a reaction time had to be at least twice the median reaction time for that subject.

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(b) Significant associations were rated as guilty only when representing responses to “guilty” stimulus words.

(c) If a subject had 1- guilty reactions they were rated a value of 0. Subjects with guilty reactions of 4-8 were rated a 1 and subjects with + were rated a .

Results concluded that the CPP test was more reliable than the Word Association Task. A combination of both types of tests was more reliable than individual results.(reword)

Baesen, Chang, and Young( ) studied differentiation between actual guilt of a mock crime and guilty knowledge of that crime. A mock crime experiment was devised involving the act of theft. One subject would be guilty of theft and the other would possess knowledge of who committed the theft. The crime entailed stealing a sum of money from a desk drawer. After the crime subjects were asked two sets of questions. Set one were neutral question not relating to the crime and set two were critical questions relating to the crime committed. A subject pair would enter a room and decided which one would be the thief. The experimenter would then escort the subject playing the role of the thief to the desk. The subject would count the money and then return to his or her seat. Subjects were not allowed to discuss the contents of the desk drawer. Subject were separated for the question answer portion of the experiment. Subjects could only respond yes or no. Although findings were not extremely significant subject’s reactions times were longer for critical questions than for neutral questions.



Eleven undergraduates (5 males) enrolled in an Experimental Social Psychology Class at University of North Florida participated in this experiment, as part of a course requirement.


The present experiment was run on a Dell 50MHz Pentium Processor, with Psychology on a Disk CMS software ( ). A standard keyboard was used for response entry.


Subjects sat side by side and were approximately feet away from their computer screens. Instructions on the computer screen explained the experiment and instructed the students to use the spacebar when ready for response entry, the letter keys on the standardized keyboard for response entry, and the enter key to bring up the next stimulus word. Subjects were presented with 5 practice trials to familiarize themselves with the experiment. On each practice trial the subject pressed the enter key and after a brief delay a neutral stimulus word appeared (meaning that the word had no association to the actual experiment) on the computer screen. (eg dog, cat, hot) After reading the word the subjects task was to come up as quickly as possible with an association and then press the spacebar when ready for response entry. For example to “dog” the subject responded “cat”. Subjects were instructed to use only one word responses. The initiation of the trial was under the subjects control, allowing the subject to begin when ready.

The introduction of the experiment explained the stimulus words presented, after the practice trials, would be wither be “neutral” having nothing to do with the mock crime or “critical” having been pulled from or relating to the mock crime scenario. First, the subjects read a description of the crime committed and then took the word association task. Each subject read the same mock crime scenario, in which subjects were asked to put themselves in the main character role of a college student who has just stolen the dean’s purse. Subjects were asked to take a moment and think about the mock crime they had just committed before beginning the word association trials. There was a total of 10 trials, 5 for critical word association and 5 for neutral word association. Neutral and critical words were randomly displayed throughout the 10 trials.

At the end of the experiment subjects were informed that the only data kept were response times. Each student recorded an average of the response times for the 5 critical and 5 neutral word trials.


The present experiment followed a matched paired design. The independent variable was reaction time (measured in ). The independent variable was word association type neutral or critical.


Results indicated a significant main effect for critical response times (t , p.05). The average mean response time for critical words (MCritical= ) was greater than the average mean response time for neutral words (MNeutral= ).

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