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Each week while doing the supermarket shopping with my mother, I tend to start watching the other shoppers around me and analyze what kind of supermarket shopper they are. I have come to the conclusion that there are three types of shoppers the slow-careful shoppers, the average shoppers, and the hurried shoppers. I find at least one of these types in each aisle always in my way. No matter who it is, he will avoid everyone in his own special way.

The first and most aggravating is the slow-careful shopper. Elderly people tend to be the slow shoppers. They usually cut out coupons and also have a coupon card so they can get the best deals possible when doing their heavy shopping for the week. They typically come out in the early morning right when the stores open. Many have a “shopping list” pad on their refrigerator that they keep adding to so when they’re ready to come shopping, their list is complete. The list may be in the order of the aisles of the market. Usually the careful shopper comes on the same time and day of each week. He wants to get there early for the best spot near the door and the freshest deli meat around. These shoppers are very laid back; they take their time and go up and down each aisle as if no one else is in the store. They will stand for hours reading the back of the labels and pondering on whether to try a new recipe with applesauce instead of butter for the Christmas cookies they are going to make. When getting in line to check out, they look through all of the magazines and candy. They frequently get hooked into buying a tabloid or perhaps one other magazine. They slow-careful shopper will spend the whole morning in the supermarket each week if necessary.

The second and least aggravating type is the average shopper. Before coming to the market he will write out a small list, maybe on the back of an envelope. He seldom cuts out coupons or looks for the best deals in the store. He does have a coupon card attached to his key ring so when he checks out he can hand the cashier his keys and be on his way. The average shopper only goes food shopping when necessary. The average shopper goes into the market knowing where things are and get what they need. They sometimes find new things to try as well. This shopper will sometimes get trapped into buying something at the check out line, like a pack of gum, but usually knows better than to spend money on junk. This shopper is usually working and doesn’t care where he parks as long as he can get in and out. The average shopper spends as much time as it takes to get everything he needs.

The last and usually most inconsiderate are the hurried shoppers. These shoppers are always on the go. They don’t have a coupon card or list. They might run in each day to grab what they need and get out as quick as they can. This shopper doesn’t go through every aisle, she runs to the one she needs to get to, passing the slow-careful shopper with an exasperated look on her face. When in the check out line they don’t look through the magazine or anywhere around them. They’re usually standing impatiently with a pout on their face, hands on waist, and foot tapping, letting out huffs and puffs. They are more aggravated then aggravating. Time is everything to them and everything in their life is scheduled, including their market time.

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These three shoppers combined make one messy supermarket. Each of these people are always in one another’s way leading to arguments and frustration on everyone’s part. When all shoppers go to the supermarket they need to know that nothing is going to be fast and sometimes things need to move faster. But when things are slow, you can’t act frustrated, this will get you nowhere. Supermarket shoppers need to learn to relax; it’s just a food store, after all.

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