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Too often in today’s American culture women forget the luxury they contain as members of the United States, as free citizens with equal rights. Women within other parts of the world are struggling for the basic human rights that are expressed by millions in America everyday. The liberation of women from their primitive roles of simple service to men can lead to the improvement of life for all people, the denial of these rights can also present lasting effects. Those suppressing the equal rights of women take on a hard-pressed opinion of the gender, centered on a variety of testaments, and stereotypical opinions. From the beginning of creation, women have been in a secondary position beneath men. The story of Adam, God form the female from the man and then deemed her ‘woman’ because out of ‘her man’ she was taken (Genesis ). As in the story of man, women were the weaker sex falling into temptation and then leading the man into sin also. Women are often still viewed today as being both physically and emotionally inadequate to men, this lead to the belief that women need a man to direct them and take charge over them. They are seen as underdeveloped socially and mentally and that the only suited position for them is in the home, bearing and rearing children while tending to a clean and orderly home.

In the biblical passage of Adam and Eve, although women were formed from man they should be honored for their very existence. They were the perfect match for man, the only suitable companion. Today’s society is at point in history in which women have never been stronger. Physically women are participating in numerous sports and activities, emotionally they are taking in high positions within their spiritual and political lives. If men participated in half the household duties, women could take further advantage of the educational and work opportunities that are being opened up to them (Wharton, ).Women in different societies need different things (Wharton, 5). Women all over the world have a lot in common, through their roles as friends, wives, mothers, and lovers (Wharton, 5). All women and men have natural rights, self-evident truths. These truths which include individual ownership of oneself, and the right to choose to do anything one wishes, that doesn’t deny other individuals the equal right to the same freedom (Flanagan, 1). As John Locke stated “The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man” (Flanagan, 1). These natural rights of a humans may try to be denied, as they often are to women in suppressed countries, but the natural rights cannot be undiminished, they can not be granted, taken away or transformed, they are always retained. In order to keep these rights in noticeable action, each of us has a natural right, from God, to defend his or her person, liberty, and property (Flanagan, 10).

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These natural rights give the basis for the need for equal rights among women of all walks of life. If the rights of women are continually suppressed, the long-term effects on society as a whole could prove destructive. The lack of women’s equal education results in the fact that two-thirds of the world’s illiterates are women (Wharton, 11). If the education system throughout the world were extended to include a better program of intellectual stimulus to females as well as males, the literacy rate would be sure to rise. Education, information, and culture empower women. Women are the shapers of society; they need to these tools to raise responsible children to carry on the practices and beliefs of our world and generation (WAPHA, 1). There is also a serious issue with women and unemployment. After a survey was taken in Europe it was discovered that only 4% of women who were looking for work were registered as unemployed because they were not entitled to benefits. If women received the same amount of coverage as men did, they could find jobs more easily and improve the quality of life for them, their families and their community as a whole. A lack of equal rights leads to violence against women, in the form of prostitution, pornography, rape, and battering, this severs as a barrier between women and the deliverance of their full and equal rights (Wharton, 5).

If women are to gain their deserved equal rights throughout the world, certain benefits will follow. The people as a whole will become better citizens, they will gain new confidence in their potential to be effective and full citizens (Stalcup, 0). The women will feel a sense of duty for the protection of their country, they shall become willing to fight along-side men when they are experiencing the same rights they are (Stalcup, 04). This joint system of defense could easily double the size of countries army and lead to a larger and more effective system of protection for the citizens as a whole. By reviving education and culture within all people, we can create a healing power and energy that could act as a catalyst for peace and as a an antidote to national wounds, making the world a better place for all to live in (WAPHA, 1). In order to achieve all the goals and needs of the world, we need the informed passions, involvement, talents, genius, and ideals of all our citizens (Stalcup, 10). The implementation of these goals will lead to a set of assumptions and values far more optimistic for the entire human race (Stalcup, 0).The roles of women have been equalized through some parts of the world. The further development of the campaign for equal rights among women throughout the world, will bear fruit ad create positive effects for each of the lives it touches. The process for the freedom of women’s opportunities is a long and complicated one, but far

from impossible.

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