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Project 1 Current Events Project

“Human Cloning”

Jonathan Broersma

Professor Ziesman

Order Custom Essay on Human Cloning

Tuesdays and Thursdays 80

15 October 00

Broersma 1

Cloning involves the creation of a duplicate animal from a single adult cell. Scientists have successfully cloned sheep, mice, goats, cattle and pigs, but the vast majority of efforts still end in failure. Of the few that succeed, many involve newborn clones that die soon after birth because of serious defects. (Weiss) Also, a number of them suffer from defects and diseases like pneumonia, liver deficiency, obesity and premature aging. (smh)

Even with all of the evidence why cloning can be very destructive, scientists still are pursuing the day when a human will be cloned.

There are many rules and regulations about stem cell research and cloning. Many which are beneficial to the research and some that are not. Even though there are regulations against the research there are still some that oppose the rules and are on a pursuit with their research.

Many scientists believe that human cloning is an issue that is very important to argue. There are good reasons for cloning and also many bad reasons. Hopefully, the majority of scientists believe that cloning humans should not take place. Even President Bush said that “no research, no research, to create a human being should take place in the United States. (smh) The President has put restrictions on the stem cell research. Even with these restrictions, California has become the only US state that allows researchers to use public funds to do the research. Gray Davis signed a bill that authorizes this research with the funds. His purpose is for developing “medical treatments.” The bill conflicts with President Bush’s restrictions. (Young) This is only one example of how people are trying to make human cloning legal.


In South Korea, there is an investigation claiming that a Korean woman is pregnant with a cloned embryo. This claim was made by an office of cloning called Clonaid. “The woman has a cloned embryo which was implanted about two months ago. The operation was carried out outside South Korea so the government can not meddle with it” said a spokesperson for Clonaid. (Vince) This was a way that they could try and get away with the cloning. In South Korea, there is now a law that if anyone is convicted of cloning they would face ten years in prison. This law bans all forms of cloning within the country. (Carrington)

A scientist associated with a religion that favors human cloning said that her research group was about to begin clone research in an undisclosed location in the United States.

She might go against the Food and Drug Administration saying not to clone a human with out the agency’s approval. (Weiss) The comments she made took some of the lawmakers by surprise. She says that she will only do the research on cows but house members do not believe this. One committee spokes member said “What we heard today is that these people are serious enough and scary enough to get our attention.” The scientist said that they hope to have a human clone within two years. (Weiss)

After reading these articles about cloning, stem cell research, and the measures people are doing to stop it, I realized that it is very hard to stop the researchers from doing it. Some think it is right and some think it is wrong. I have come to a conclusion that no matter what we do or what the government does, there will always be someone out there that will oppose it and go on with their research. This is something that is scary and no one knows what can come from this.

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