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According to the article, DaimlerChrysler plan to build an entirely new plant in Toledo, Ohio for $1. billion. What is impressive about this new plant is being built. It will be the first automobilbe plant to be built entirely with -D computer graphics. With this new technology, it will take about 0% less time to build an auto plant than with traditional techniques. The new plant will also cost less to build than traditional auto plants, at about $58 a square foot.

This article makes a not so subtle reference to the ever present desire on the part of businesses to be more efficient. This case refers specifically to automobile plant design. We know from chapter 1 that all businesses and/or economies must answer three basic questions in order to survive and prosper, What to produce? How to produce? And for whom to produce? Of these tree major questions, the article makes reference to the second question, How to produce? Economists assume that all businesses will seek to find the cheapest and most efficient way to produce a product for the very simple reason that to do so will maximize profits for that business.

By using -D graphics or computer aided design, the DaimlerChrysler company is seeking to find a more efficient and cheaper way to make its popular Jeep line of automobiles. If it can so, then the savings can perhaps be passed on to consumers in the of lower prices for Jeeps. Thus DaimlerChrysler can be more profitable than before, the goal for every business.

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