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March 17, 00

English 10

“The Sea Change” vs. “The White Stocking”

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Many works of fiction, past and present, have dealt with infidelity in some way, whether it is physical or emotional. Although Hemingway’s “The Sea Change” and Lawrence’s “The White Stocking” have similar atmospheres, conflicts, and both deal with infidelity, the details and reasons for the infidelity differ.

In both stories the atmosphere is tense and confrontational. In “White” Ted finds out that Elsie is receiving gifts from Sam Adams, whom he despises, “He was angry. His face flushed dark, he kept his head bent.”(P.5) Soon Ted’s anger turned to hatred, and he confronted her so that she knew to stay away from him. “You will be frightened of me, the next time you have something to do with him.”(P.5) In “Sea” Phil finds out that his wife has not only cheated on him with another woman, but she is also leaving him for her, “Couldn’t you have gotten into something else? Couldn’t you have gotten into some other jam?”(P.0) He is angry and bitter, “I’ll kill her,”(P.0)

Another similarity in both stories is the conflict(s). Both stories deal with security vs. excitement. Both women know that their marriages are secure, but they get almost an adrenaline rush from having someone on the side. Both women also deal with convention vs. difference. Even though it obviously is more acceptable to have an affair with a man than with another woman, having an affair in general is going against the norm. Both women are looking for something more in their relationships. The other woman in “White” probably offers something that Phil can’t, and Sam Adams must do something for Elsie that Ted can’t. Perhaps it’s just the fact that he gives her jewelry and gifts, or maybe it’s just because she knows she has control over Sam because he is love with her, “And, sportive, she could not help playing a little with this, though she cared not one jot for the man himself.”(P.51)

One similarity in both stories is also their difference. Both stories are based solely on infidelity. Both stories contain a “love triangle,” although “White” deals with two men and one woman and “Sea” deals with women and one man. One prominent difference is the specific kind of infidelity each story contains. “White” deals specifically with emotional infidelity. Elsie never actually has a physical affair with Sam. She does, however, play mind games with him, which would be a form of infidelity. In “Sea” the unnamed woman has a physical affair with another woman. But Phil did not object to it when he was involved, “You did for a long time.”(P.0)

Although both works are similar, they do have their differences. Both works concentrate on the infidelity. The infidelity is a major part of, if not the whole story. Many works of fiction will always deal with infidelity, whether it is emotional or physical, because infidelity will always be a part of our faults as humans, and our faults are what make a good story.

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