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This lab was designed to find out whether the ball accelerates down the ramp at different angles and different heights or not.


Steel ball, stopwatch, rubber track, wooden block, ruler.


Mark the path into 5 parts equidistant from each other, starting from the very top and ending and the bottom. Position the wooden block at the bottom of the ramp. Hold the ball behind the ruler and release it by lifting the ruler straight up. Start the watch at the release and stop as soon as the ball hits the wooden block. There should be data tables for two runs of different heights from the table, anywhere between 10 � 50 cm.


Setup the ramp as illustrated above. Position the ball behind each marker and release as described above. Do three runs for each mark and time each run. Record each run on a data table. Average the time for each mark and graph.


As shown on the graphs attached, the slope of the 17 cm height is lower then the 8 cm height. Also you may notice that the average velocity of the 17 cm height is significantly lower then that of the 8 cm height, on the data tables attached. This brings to a conclusion that the higher the angle of the ramp is, the higher the velocity will be, until reached an angle of 0o. At that angle the ball will be in free fall and will not exceed the speed of 10 m/sec if the friction factor is ignored.

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