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Many individuals and organizations attempted to avoid wars among nations and maintain peace. Many of their strategies worked and others failed.

The League of Nations was set up post WW1 to assist in eliminating war between nations. The main point of this league was to prevent war among nations through peacekeeping and peacemaking procedures. It had a council represented by the great powers-US, Britain, France, Japan and Russia. U.S.A never really joined the league. This was part of the League’s ineffectiveness. Such an extraordinary military and economic power was not part of this global association. This league proved its ineffectiveness in two crises- the Manchurian Crisis and the Ethiopian Crisis. During the Manchurian Crisis, the league failed to take any action because of the distance between the main powers and Manchuria. This shows their weakness in their ability of preventing war, which was the main purpose of the League. In the Ethiopian Crisis, the league did take some sort of action. They banned all possible trades between Italy and other League members. This was to discipline Italy or its actions against Ethiopia. However, trade continued with the help of the Suez Canal. Unfortunately, this trade included great amounts of militaristic materials. The League seemed to be withering away. USA was never a member, Britain and France preferred bilateral negotiations among themselves and the Soviet Union, Japan and Italy were only part of the league for a partial time. WW brought forth the collapse of this league. This league didn’t have enough success as it was supposed to have. The league’s apathy and the friction among other nations brought this league’s failure.

Woodrow Wilson brought forth 14 points to the Paris Peace Conference. He attempted to eliminate the global problems by bringing forth these points. He felt as if such a proposal would lead to global justice and harmony. His suggestions seemed rather ineffective because there was a WW. He did have a dream of creating the League of Nations. It was created, but was quite ineffective. USA did not join. Sure, Alsace and Lorraine was returned to France, and the seas were free. But, all 14 points were not followed. His 4th point was to reduce armaments. This was not the case, many nations focused on increasing themselves militarily such as Germany, Italy and Japan. Wilson proposed such a plan to encourage peace among nations, but this peace didn’t last for long because there was a world war after his offer.

Benito Mussolini was a fascist leader of Italy after WW1. He lead the government from 1-145. He attempted to direct Italy with fascist beliefs and did succeed by transforming the nation from a democratic government to a sort of totalitarian rule which was governed by the basis of economic interest. His party promised the civilians economic stability. His personal leadership skills and charisma assured Italians the restoration of Italy’s lost prestige. Like an ideal fascist government, Italy was ruled by a single party. He called himself IL duce (leader). His techniques of altering the country’s political and economic systems were quite successful. With much persuasion and aggression, Benito did eventually make Italy a fascist state. This shows his success of being a leader; he did accomplish his goal by making Italy fascist. Sure, Italy did not remain fascist for a long time, but it did for a while, enough to say that Benito accomplished his goal.

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George Clemenceau was the prime minister of France. He attended the Paris Peace Conference after WW1. He proposed delegations at the Treaty. He felt as if the punishments were not harsh enough for Germany. The French citizens believed in George’s suggestions. His proposals were taken into account because France did gain back Alsace and Lorraine. This was a victory for the people of France and they called him “Father of Victory”. He gained great popularity by obtaining the two pieces of land. Overall, Clemenceau’s strategy of gaining back Alsace and Lorraine from Germany was effective proving his technique to be a success.

Adolph Hitler holds an unforgettable reputation. The strategies and techniques he used to attain leadership were effective because he did rule Germany as he had planned to. By propaganda and promising the citizens more financial security, he won the hearts of millions. Adolph Hitler was considered a chancellor for a period of time. With the help of the Enabling Act in March 1, he was given the power to rule for 4 years without the interference of the Reichstag. By using horrible amounts of aggression, violence and terror, Hitler made sure his rule wasn’t threatened. With policies such as the New Order, power was being more and more centralized. Sure, Nazism did dissolve at some point and time, but his strategies did make Germany a fascist state.

Neville Chamberlain became Britain’s prime minister in 17. He wasn’t as pitiless as David Lloyd George. He felt as if Germany was being treated too harshly. He believed that by agreeing with the demands of Hitler and Mussolini they could avoid a European war. He signed the Munich agreement with Mussolini and Hitler that saw Sudetenland as a fortified frontier region that contained a large German speaking population. This was done to resist war with the Germans. However, Hitler ended up breaking up the deal and invaded Poland. This caused Chamberlain to declare war upon Germany. In the end, Chamberlain’s vision of having no European war was broken. The Munich agreement was ineffective because war did still take place.

The government of Japan was quite active in expanding themselves militarily and economically during post-WW1. Asia, with its rich minerals, was being ruled by many imperialists. Japan’s government desired to chase out these European imperialists and take over these lands themselves. Their motto was “Asia for Asians”. Japan did have control over Manchuria as the puppet state of Manchukuo. In the Manchurian Crisis, the reporter for the League of Nations claimed Japan to be the aggressor. Japan was not pleased with that so they withdrew from the League of Nations. This made Japan a potential enemy of the United States. This relation was not good for Japan’s future. With WW and the tremendous effects of the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki,

Japan’s relations with the foreign countries did not serve them well.

Roosevelt was the US president from 1-145. He introduced an economic system to help reorganize the American economy. He called it the New Deal. Since capitalism had gained much support, this economic system was based on primarily capitalist views. The government’s role in such an economy was to revive the economy when needed by creating more jobs. He introduced methods of supervising banks so the Americans could trust the banks again to reinvest their money. His whole economic system seemed to be well thought out, but it was a failure. USA still suffered a depression as did majority of the rest of the world.

Many of the leaders were attempting to maintain global peace while others were more interested in their nation’s self interest. Many of their strategies were ineffective and their failure was proven by the brink of World War .

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