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Since the beginning of time, man has always tried to make his life easier and more practical. Over the years, advances in technology have become more frequent and greater in magnitude. How we prepare our food to man walking on the moon, every day it seems like something has been “upgraded” or new tools have been created to make life less hectic (while some could argue that it’s the complete opposite). Though one thing is certain, technology is a force that has shaped society into what it is today and what it will become into in the future. With it, technology has bought tremendous effects and revolutionizing consequences. These consequences can be viewed either as positive or negative outcomes of the results of technology. In reality technology is neither good nor is it bad. How we tell the difference is not by the invention but by how it is used.

The whole purpose of technology is to make the life of the people who use it much easier. It always has been also a theme of controversy since there has always been a dilemma if technology is a harmful thing or if it’s something beneficial to us as a society. The fact of the matter is that technology is not what “goes wrong” in our world it’s the people who create it and how people use it. In school students such as myself have learned that history tends to repeat itself and that this issue with technology is no exception. In global class we have seen how nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction have killed millions and how much suffering this king of technology has bought to us. People might think that these sorts of things wouldn’t happen if this type of technology hadn’t been created. This isn’t about the weapons or their creation its about the intentions behind them. Why would anyone create these weapons but to kill? These things weren’t created to be friendly and promote world peace; these weapons were made with the intention of creating intimidation and instigation for war. Their creators of course don’t refer to these weapons as means to demonstrating superiority; their whole unscrupulous lie was to say that they were created as measures of “protection” and to watch over the best interest of the people. This is just one example as to why technology can often be misinterpreted. The technology itself isn’t bad, it’s the malignant consequences envisioned for its creation that portray it as something negative and evil. .

New technological advances can be very beneficial to society. Its what makes us travel faster than ever before. Its what makes us communicate with one another with much ease and what helps us in our daily lives. Technology is what entertains us from watching television to hearing our favorite song in the radio. Its what makes the cities so spectacular to contemplate, it revolves around us so frequently and with such intensity that at times we forget just how much impact it has on us. This impact was presented to me in English class in my freshmen year of high school. My English teacher was a fanatic of space exploration and it fascinated her just how mush technology had advanced from what it was like when she was a young girl. She found it to be the greatest thing in the world that life had become so much practical and faster. This is another thing about technology. It’s not only its creation and its use but also how you view its impact. To some the things that technology can do in their perspective are the greatest things in the world but to others it can be the most unscrupulous thing that they have heard have. One of those technological advances that was so controversial was that of the usage of modern technology used by the secret services in order to make sure that cities around the country were safe especially after the events of September 11. Many people saw this as a sigh of relief and a feel of security and comfort while others thought of it as an invasion of privacy and violation of individual rights. This is gigantic factor as to how technology is viewed; it also depends on the perspective of the individual who is expressing his/her opinion. How that person is affected by the results of that specific technological advancement plays a major role in their opinion of whether that specific advancement in technology is good or bad.

Technology can be a spectacular thing, it could be used as a tool in saving millions of lives and it could also be the cause of the end of those lives, it all depends on the intentions of its creation in the first place.

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