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Michael Joseph Jackson, you were born on the August 158 in Gary, Indiana. One of nine children in a family of Joseph and Katherine Jackson.

Your mother Katherine Scruse, was a diminutive, well-spoken young woman whom your father, Joe had met at the birthday party of a mutual friend.

Katherine was not yet two years old when she contracted infantile paralysis. Unlike Joe’s little sister Verna, your mum survived polio � but not without paying a price. Struggling through childhood on crutches, she endured the merciless teasing of her classmates with a quiet dignity.

By the time she was a junior in high school, Katherine was able to toss aside her crutches, although the disease left her with a permanent limp. When she met Joe Jackson, perhaps because of his sister Verna’s own tragic battle with polio, Joe saw past Katherine’s disability.

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Joe and Katherine were married on the 5 November 14, in a civil ceremony, and three months later moved to Gary, Indiana, where they began their married life.

Seven months after their wedding, your mum and Joe became parents for the first time with the birth of Maureen Reilette, nicknamed Rebbie on th May 150. Sigmund Esco, who would be called Jackie, arrived the following 4th May. Toriano Adaryll (Tito) was born on 15 October 15, followed by Jermain La Juane on 11 December 154 and La Toya Yvonne on May 156. Marlon David was born on 1 March 157, along with the death of his twin brother, Brandon. Then on August, you arrived, followed on October 161, by Steven Randall (Randy) and, on 16 May 166, by Janet Dameta.

Your dad worked days as a crane operator at American Founderies and the four-to-midnight swing shift at Inland steel. Your mum was a part time cashier’s clerk at what was then Sears Roebuck.

Your father forbidden you and your brothers to play with or even talk to neighborhood youngsters. His solution was to banish the outside world from your home. This enforced isolation also enabled Joe to exert control over you and your family. Beginning with Jackie, who by all counts was his favourite victim, Joe routinely and savagely punished you and your brothers for minor infractions, real and imagined. Beatings were administered with razor straps, belts, wire coat hangers, rulers, switches and fists. Bloody noses were not uncommon and more than once one of the boys was knocked unconscious.

Not even your sisters were spared. When you, were four, you went into the bathroom to discover six-year old LaToya sprawled on the cold tile floor, sobbing and bloody. Your dad or Joe, so you liked to call him, had beaten her because she had received a bad report card.

The first ever record you brought was “Mickey’s Monkeys” by the miracles.

Your very first performance was Climb every mountain in your kindergarten class, 16.

At the age of five you became the found member of the Jackson 5 and soon becoming lead vocalist and frontman. The Jackson 5 was signed to Motown Records at the end 186 Your early releases, including chart toppers “I want you back”, “ABC”, “The love you save”, and “I’ll be there”, illustrated your remarkable maturity.

The Jackson Five was formed in 164 and had their first performance at Mr. Luckys in Gary Indiana.

Your first release as a solo performer was the aching ballad “Got to be there”. “Rockin’ Robin” reached number on the US chart in 17, while the sentimental film theme “Ben” topped the charts later in the year.

Your very first TV appearance was on the “Hollywood Palace” hosted by Diana Ross on the 18 October 16

Your brothers and you even ended up havening your own cartoon show. On September 11, 171 was when the first ever episode of “The Jackson Five Show” was aired on TV.

You went to a public elementary school in Hollywood, Gardner Street Elementary School. You were a 6th grade student back when you were 11. You attended class in the daytime and performed as an emerging musical superstar at night, with your family group “The Jackson Five”.

When you were twelve years of age, someone roughly shoved you into the pool � just out of reach of a poisonous snake that slithered menacingly near by. As the rattler made its exit into the bushes, You Michael, who had several pet snakes of your own was crestfallen. “Darn it!” you yelled at your rescuer. “I didn’t even get to hear his rattle shake or nuthin’.” Then soon after the accident, you got your own boa constrictor as well as your brother. “It’s even bigger than Jermaine’s,” you told a reporter.

In 17, barely 14, you would start withdrawing more from your brothers and the public. Spending your time drawing and reading.

In 177, you made your acting debut in “This Wiz”, an all black version of “The Wizard of Oz”, co-starring Diana Ross and collaborating on the sound track album with Quincy Jones. You were the scarecrow.

Then in 18, you narrated a special album edition of the Steven Spielberg “Et” movie. After that in 186 you did a special -D movie for Disney called “Captain EO”. “Moonwalker” came out in 188 and 16 you made the short film “GHOSTS”.

Since you were five years old one fact has been undeniable, no one moves like Michael Jackson. Inspired by the greats of Freddie Stere and the energy of James Brown, you move with flawless precision. But it was in 18 when you revolutionised dance forever, debuting the moonwalk on the Motown 5 special.

Soon after, your first extraordinarily successful album “Off the Wall” was released. This album topped the charts in the UK and USA, and contained two number one singles, “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” (for which you won a Grammy Award) and “Rock With You”.

In 18 your landmark album “Thriller” was released. Remaining number one for over 0 weeks and selling over 51 million copies. Thriller also produced a run of successful number one singles, “The Girl is mine”, “Billie Jean”, “Beat it” and of course “Thriller”. Thriller won a record of eight Grammies and still remains the best selling album of all-time. You are the first artist to have six Top 10 singles from one album. (Thriller)

“The making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller” video shipped 100,000 copies, the largest ever for a non-theatrical video program.

You have also had your occasional bad moments. Soon after the making of Thriller, your head was burnt in a freak accident during the shooting of a Pepsi commercial, for which you had a lucrative endorsement deal, and speculation abounded that you lightened your skin and had plastic surgery to make yourself look more white � but your image as the world’s most beloved entertainer was undimmed.

In 1 was when the media’s dogs pounced on you and tore your reputation to pieces. A young boy named Jordy Chandler accused you of molesting him. Before long the media had pronounced you guilty of child molestation and had branded you a pedophile and a pervert. At first glance, the media’s case against you appeared strong. Jordy Chandler had provided to police, descriptions, both of your body parts and of the acts he said you had performed upon him. A dispatch from Reuter’s news service on January 7, 14, revealed that when the police examined and photographed every micrometer of you body in an attempt to corroborate what Jordy had said, the police found that none of your features matched Jordy’s descriptions.

In the mean time you began stamping your feet, overturning tables, and throwing chairs. “Why is this happening?” you yelled, pounding your fists against the wall. Your mother had been trying to reach you for hours. Finally you did ring and your mother told you that she believed your innocence, but you were inconsolable. “If I come back home and I’m arrested, I’ll kill myself”, you cried. Your mother took this threat seriously and ordered a 4-hour suicide watch to protect you from yourself.

In 14, the investigation regarding the child molestation allegation was brought to an end. That same year, you seemed to have shocked the public again � in a very different way. You and Lisa Marie Presley, were married in a secrete ceremony in the Dominican Republic. Your marriage didn’t last long, in 16; you and Lisa were divorced in an amicable manner. That same year you married once again to Deborah Rowe, an assistant to your dermatologist, in Sydney, Australia.

In 17 you had your first child, Prince Michael Jackson Jr. And in 18, you had a daughter, Paris Michael Katherine. You and Deborah named Prince after Michaels great grandfather and grandfather

And just recently you adopted another child, Prince Michael Jackson .

Then in 1 you and Deborah got divorced on October 8. But you and Deborah still remain friends.

In 15 an album that was paying tribute to you was made HIStory Past, Present and Future was released. It contained number one hits like “Billie Jean”, “The Way you Make Me Feel”, “Black or White”, “Thriller” and much more.

You currently own an enormous California ranch, which you had named Neverland. Your Neverland ranch is located in a small American town called Los Olivos. You built it yourself, creating a beautiful place to your imagination. Neverland is a special place with a large house, a large zoo, a theatre and an amusement park. You opened Neverland to all children, especially those with terminal illnesses, to spend their time playing at the ranch.

You have supported charities all your life. Your best-known charities are

· Ronald McDonald children foundation

· The make a wish foundation

· Child right

In 184 you opened your own burning centre after you suffered severe burns to your scalp during a commercial shoot for Pepsi. In 185 you wrote the song We are the World to help the hungry people in Africa. In 1 you started with the Heal the World foundation. A foundation that helps the needy children of the world. The Guinness Book of World Records 000 Millennium Edition includes the following entry Most Charities Supported By a Pop Star Michael Jackson has supported charitable organizations either with monetary donations through sponsorships of their projects or by participating in their silent auctions.

You love to have water balloon fights. Back at your Neverland ranch, you have a water balloon fort, and there you have a red team and a blue team. You use things like slings and cannons, and by the time the game is over you are drenched.

You were inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” in March 001.

In 001 you celebrated your 0th anniversary as a solo artist, reuniting with the “Jackson Five” on stage and breaking a long recording silence in August with your new single, “You Rock My World”. The attendant “Invincible” paired you with hotshot urban producer Rodney Jerkins, but was let down by a surfeit of weak ballad material. Nether less, the album went straight to the top of the US and UK charts following its November release.

Just recently, at the MTV music awards, Britney Spears introduced you on stage to celebrate your 44th birthday. Britney said that, for her, that you were the Artists of the Millennium. And you took her words to mean by presenting and emotional acceptance speech. You were than left with embarrassment after you accepted the non-excitant award in front of millions of viewers.

You can now take pride in having accomplished so many amazing things. 1 number one singles, 10 Grammies, an MTV video award and millions and millions of records sold around the world.

Michael Jackson, you once said in your music videos “ I don’t want to be another cannon in a cender line” and with that determination to set trans, not follow them. You dominate the field, redefining the standard of innovation. As ground breaking as your music evolution, you continue to set video landmarks an award after award, your achievements have been recognised by major organizations everywhere as you continue to rewrite television history. Michael, you always seem to be starting something.

Michael Joseph Jackson, this is your life.

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