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In attempting to arrive at a better literary understanding of Stevensons Victorian novel, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, it is analyzed as a case study of various psychological theories and disorders. References to Victorian and contemporary psychological terms of assessment are used in a parallel attempt to achieve an increased knowledge of these same psychological disorders that have affected a multitude of persons from the Victorian age up to modern society. Via quotes from the text, the novel is examined in the light of Sigmund Freuds theories on the structural model of personality and repression, Gordon Allports idiographic approach to personality, multiple personality disorder, anti-social and borderline personality disorders, and the psychology of addiction.

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Robert Louis Stevensons gothic novel, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is not a story of a monster. It is not about a madman or a serial killer. It is a story about an entity-the one who dwells inside most of us, externally conforming to culture, yet internally lusting for liberty. It is a story of a man that can transcend time in its telling; its central character seems to have always been present, Surely he has always existed in the collective imagination, or, like Jack the Ripper, in actual history? (Oates, 60). It is the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-- not two people that dwell inside one man, but one man with two impulses roaring to be heard inside of him. These two inclinations need not be binary opposites. The lines between the two characters blur the storys interpretations and yet often blind the storys readers to the misconception and myths surrounding the story created by its immense popularity in modern pop culture. The two sides compare almost as conscious and unconscious. In a sense they never meet Jekyll develops on his own, and his development and no other person determines his fate(Manlove, 8). Often seen in films simply as the story of a good man taking a ghastly potion and becoming an evil man, the vast and complex psychological implications of the story extend to the benefit of an understanding of not only the true nature of this allegorical piece of fiction but also to an awareness of the countless psychological struggles that the average person deals with in a lifetime and the not so average person suffering from a psychotic disorder deals with on a day to day basis.

It is ventured to say that if the original groundbreakers of the psychology of personality, from Sigmund Freud to Gordon Allport were armed with a copy of Stevensons Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with intentions into seeking out its psychological ramifications as a genuine case study, it alone could have been used by them as a substantial springboard and fruitful source of research. Therefore, theories and research from Victorian as well as modern day psychology can be used to analyze the novel in terms of various interpretations of the text in regards to a multitude of psychological topics including Freuds theories on the structural model of personality and repression, Allports idiographic trait approach to personality, multiple personality disorder, anti-social and borderline personality disorders and finally, the psychology of addiction.

The Subconscious Source and Psychological Environment of Stevensons Inspiration for the Novel

The dream of reconciliation between conflicting selves is but a dream after all.

Rosenfield, The Shadow Within

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