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Shawn Quinn

Formal Essay #1


Instructor, Brenda Wilson

Custom Essays on Knowing when to stop

The Strength to Stop

Who ever thought that a few casual beers would turn out to be a wrong turn down a dead end street? That dead end street is alcoholism, and my best friend Brian made that wrong turn. It was New Years Eve almost the year 000 when he started drinking, and now not a day goes by I do not think of how I could have stopped it all.

New Years Eve began with my group of high school friends and myself playing our traditional basketball tournament. The tournament had been a tradition since middle school and now more than fifty of our friends would come and play. After a long day of playing we decided to get to partying. My best friend, Brian, who had never had a drop of alcohol in his life, decided that he would have a few cocktails himself. He had always been the good one when it came to drinking always looking out for everyone else. This time he said “what the heck its my senior New Years!” Being the comedian he was we


all just laughed and poured him a drink. From that day drinking has never been the same.

About two months later at a school basketball game, Brian showed up to the game drunk. Being intoxicated myself I began to see how serious this had become. For the last few months Brian had come to school drunk at least ten times, and everyday after lacrosse practice he would drink. He constantly was drinking on the weekends to the point of vomiting, crying hysterically, or just completely passing out. It had begun to get out of control, no longer was it a few beers, and it was blatant binging.

Time continued to pass and Brian continued to drink. Lacrosse season was now over and so was my closeness to Brian. He began to hang with a new crowd, a group of juniors who seemed to worship Brian’s fake i.d. They all would go and get drunk every waking moment they had. At about the start of the summer is when the drinking began to take its toll.

Brian’s life took a drastic turn July 4, 000. There was a huge party at the lake by our high school,


and our whole school was going to it. Ready for the festivities to begin, my friends and I started to booze when the sun went down. The party was awesome, but there was no sign of Brian all night, and it was not like him to miss out on such an event. I decided about to call him at about midnight. His phone rang and rang with no one answering, finally his girlfriend Amber picked up crying frantically. When I asked her what was wrong she could hardly speak, and she kept telling me she would die if he did.

The night came and went and the next morning I was at the hospital bedside with my best friend. Brian had drank a whole bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey, and had to have his stomach pumped. I could not stop crying, I was so mad at myself, so mad at the fact I did not stop him sooner. Although he had survived there was the same chance he may have died. The doctors told him that he was lucky and even another shot would have made him a vegetable.

The day Brian left the hospital our whole group of friends vowed to watch out for him. It was time we all started to wise up a little too. Brian came out of the

Quinn 4

hospital and went strait to alcohol counseling, and different drug abuse classes. It was the best remedy for him, but first he, himself, had to realize there was a problem.

After a month of just going through the motions of recovery he started to drink again. This time the consequences were much worse. Brian began to drink and drive, and it escalated to being his downfall. He would drink all day and night then hop behind the wheel of his Honda Accord and cruise the streets.

One night it all changed, he was driving home from a party and hit a tree, wrapping his entire car around it. Unharmed he got out of the car and called me on his cellular phone. I drove to where he was as soon as I could. By the time I arrived the police had gotten there. Brian began to sob on my shoulder telling me how sorry he was, but this time he was ready to be helped. At first I took it with a grain of salt, but soon came to realize he finally was ready.

It was around the end of August and I was ready to leave for college, Brian had been alcohol free for almost

Quinn 5

a month. Diligently trying to make up for his mistakes, and giving speeches about drinking to middle school students. He made a complete metamorphosis and now was adamantly against underage drinking. Although he had made such wonderful progress I was still scared to leave for school. I was scared something may happen and I could never forgive myself for not being right there like I had been all the times before.

It has now been over a year and Brian is still doing well. He continues to give speeches and now does peer counseling with children with alcoholic parents. He studies psychology at school and now drinks socially. Although he may never be able to put to words how hard it has been, he has really made me proud to know him, because it could have been me with the problem.

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