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blah. fooled you.

Music lyrics and videos continually objectify women. Dr. Dre and friends spray champagne on women in Next Episode. In Maxwells video Lets Not Play the Game, Maxwell pauses on womens body parts. In DMX¡¦s No Love For Me, footage is shot looking up women¡¦s skirts. Sugar Ray¡¦s Fly video features several shots of various parts of female dancers¡¦ bodies. ¡§In a raft of Rock and Hip Hop videos, women get turned into pieces of booty served up for the pleasure of powerful men....¡¨ (Mtv News Now) Eminem¡¦s Kim includes the lyrics, ¡§Sit down bitch If you move again Ill beat the shit out of you...Now shut the fuck up and get whats comin to you. You were supposed to love me {choking} NOW BLEED! BITCH BLEED! BLEED! BITCH BLEED! BLEED!¡¨ ¡§Fuckin your bitch in the ass with a tire iron.. ¡¨ is a line from Under the Influence. Who Knew says, ¡§Fuck that, take drugs, rape sluts...¡¨ Amityville includes the lyrics, ¡§My little sisters birthday, shell remember me. For a gift I had ten of my boys take her virginity...¡¨ Korn¡¦s Kill You says, ¡§All I want to do, is kill you...Id beat and stab and fuck her..¡¨ Jordan¡¦s Night¡¦s Give it to You contains the lines,

The increase in the popular cultures tolerance for matters relating to sex and violence presents unique obstacles. In recent years, the influence of popular culture (e.g. music videos, rap and hip hop music) has increased, influencing public attitudes to a much greater extent than ever before. The objectification of women in rap lyrics and music videos and the sexual violence against women depicted in these and other media promote sexual harassment as normal, and even good.

Most men aren¡¦t genetically predisposed to abuse and disrespect women. Their attitudes are conditioned by society. Violent lyrics and videos encourage abuse because women aren¡¦t viewed as individuals, but rather as body parts. ¡§Turning a human being into a thing, an object, is almost

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always the first step toward justifying violence against that person...The violence, the abuse is partly the chilling but logical result of the objectification.¡¨ (Kilbourne 74 ) Women are portrayed as objects that exist solely for the pleasure of men and are therefore treated as such by some men.(Beck). According to Mtv News Now ¡§When Sex Goes Pop Not That Innocent¡¨, ¡§What happens when a woman¡¦s sexual allure exists merely for males? She¡¦s no longer viewed as a person, but as a man¡¦s play thing. Out in the real world, that can have serious consequences... The incessant barrage of booty offered up with joyous aplomb can turn sexual appreciation into fetishistic gimmee gimmee¡¨ (Mtv News Now). These images are designed to arouse men, but research shows that they also arouse feelings of acceptance of violence against women. Men also have less pity or mercy for victims of rape because of such images. (Objectification of Women). Some encourage men not to believe women who have been raped. The Fetish perfume ad with the woman who appears to have black eyes and the text¡§, ¡§Apply generously to your neck so he can smell the scent as you shake your head ¡¥no¡¦,¡¨ promotes that idea. The concept is that women mean yes even when they say ¡§no¡¨. And since clothes and perfume are said to ¡§Make a statement without saying a word,¡¨ and reveal ¡¨More than words can say,¡¨ one is lead to assume that even if a woman says ¡§no¡¨, if her perfume or clothing says otherwise, her words are not to be believed. If a woman wears such perfume or clothing, she was asking for it. Her words may contradict that, but men are lead to believe her scent and dress speak louder than her voice.

„h In our society, a womans body is objectified daily on television, music videos, advertisements. What do we do with objects? We buy, sell, and trade them ¡X prostitution. We tame them through rape and domestic abuse. Finally, we destroy them (Bonzo).

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