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There has been dividing lines ever since there has been man. But more and more come along with every new generation. Man vs. Woman. Younger Generations vs. Older Generations. Blacks vs. Whites. Indians vs. Americans. Punks vs. Mods. Jocks vs. Nerds. Brunettes vs. Blondes. The list just goes on with every difference there are in people. A lot of the first dividing lines came out of religion beliefs. This being the group that tell us not to fight, and to be peaceful with everyone, are the ones going out there and starting wars. Just because people say “this is the way it was, is and will always be” and of course not everyone is going to agree with that. It does seem as though suburbs are the ones who decide about diving lines. We even do it to ourselves. First there’s “the ghetto” over by pine hill, then there’s “cheektovegas” or the “rich part of town” and then theres the people in the middle. I just don’t understand the point to all of it. With the whole black vs. whites thing especially. It’s hard because of course I see how some African Americans can be upset and how there is that dividing line between the two races, but you can’t hold things against one entire race. Especially when things have changed o much. People’s feelings do change. African Americans were fighting for freedom of slavery. They fought, and they did receive freedom. Equality of all people. That’s something you hold to your heart and it should make you stronger. Some of course will want revenge, but where is that going to get you? But then there are some ignorant stubborn people that think they can do whatever they wish, and then twist the situation on a way to where its now discrimination on your part. One of my biggest problems are the African-American Scholarships. One day a girl in my class saw that there was this, and she asked if there were any Caucasian Scholarships. People laughed, but there is a major point there, even if she didn’t realize it. There is no such thing. Not all blacks are poor, not all whites are rich. Sometimes the minorities can go too far with the whole discrimination thing, and end up getting special treatment and end up screwing the majorities or other side of the diving line. And this is creating all people equal?

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