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Guns Knives and Drugs, my life before Town. I live in a filthy big city in New York called…you guessed it…New York! The town where your supporting yourself or out in the streets but the time your thirteen. I myself was forced down the path of the scum buckets that I used to call my friends. We were into street shootouts, knife fights and nightly shootups. Yeah okay, so I was a bad person, I know that now, but all that changed, the day we decided to go for a stroll in the woods…

It was a cool spring day, and my friends John and I went for a walk down through the woods where our friends Bob and George, the local bums lived. We ventured deep, deep into the forest, beyond the length anyone had ever gone yet, or so far as we knew, and still hadn’t found Bob or George, “Maybe we should split up John, we’ll cover more ground that way, “ I told him.

“Sounds good to me, we’ll meet back here in ten, with or without Bob and George, “ replied John, and he walked off to his left. I turned and went off to the right, off the path and through the trees. I continued on as far as I could and then turned back after five minutes, so as not to be late meeting back up with John, but to my surprise, when I turned around, the path was right there, behind me, “Hmm…Must have missed it, but I don’t see how, it’s so big, “ I said to myself. So I stepped onto the path and noticed it was not the same spot from whence I had left. Seven minutes had passed and I had to get back to John, so I flipped a coin, “Tails, I go left.” I figured that left was probably the right choice because if I left to my right then going back should be to my left, right? I walked and walked, and hen walked some more, but I never got back to the spot I started from, although the scenery did look quite familiar. I continued on until I got to a spot that I was sure I had already been to and the turned and started running. I ran as fast as I could through the trees, picking up a couple of cuts along the way. Suddenly I turned to look back while still running and…WHAM!!!!!! Strait into a huge rock. “Ow.” I calmly said, for by now I was running quite slower than when I started and the impact wasn’t too great, “where did this rock come from?” I asked myself. It wasn’t too tall but it was quite long so I found a spot and climbed over it. Stupid me I wasn’t looking on my way down and fell right into a large puddle, “YUCK!!!!” I exclaimed, but when I looked up, there stood the most beautiful staircase I had ever seemed that seemed to go on forever. It was pearly white and gold with specks of blue and silver in the light that gleamed from it. “Am I dead?” I asked myself more times that once as I marveled at this wonderful staircase wondering why else would there be a beautiful staircase in the middle of a mucky lake in the forest of New York. I treaded through the water and made my way toward the lovely staircase. I looked up the inanely long climb and wondered if it would ever end, “Well…what else have I got to do?” and I began to climb. Over ten minutes had passed when I finally made it to the very top, “Well, this can’t be Heaven, because there’s no God standing at a podium with a large entry book and no pearly gates to pass through, oh well.” I stepped off the staircase then turned back to see how far I had come, but to my surprise, the staircase, along with the hole that it lead to, was gone. All that was behind me was grass that was too green to be believably true as far as the eye could see. “Extraordinary.” I said in disbelief under my breath.

“Welcome to Town, may I have your name miss?” I heard a high pitch scratchy voice from behind me say. It startled me at first, but then when I turned, I saw it was only a short little man holding a book that said in fancy letters on the front of it, “Town”.

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“Umm…My names Christie…and…yours is?” I replied quite snottily.

“I’m Brian, Town’s book and population keeper. I keep track of who enters and leaves Town every day.

“Oh…whatever,” I said and started to walk passed him.

“No, wait! You’ll need this, it will explain everything.” I took a small book from his hand and stared at it.

“What’s this?” I asked and looked over the top of the book as I awaited my answer, but to my great surprise, he was gone!

I opened the book and began to read the first page

Welcome to town! You are one of the few lucky

People selected to become a resident of Town,

For a whole year! As a new member you will be

Given a spirit to fit your personal self of whom

Will provide for you anything you wish and will

Guide you through your year, helping you to get

A job, support yourself and him/her and much

Much more. At the end of your year you will be

Returned back tot eh exact spot from whence

You left as if nothing ever happened.

Enjoy your stay!

See next page for

Further details.

“Could this actually be true? Is this some sort of cruel twisted prank? And what the hell do they mean spirit?! As in…Ghost, spirit?!”

“Exactly,” I heard a sweet sounding, averagely deep male’s voice from behind me, “ My name is Charlie, I am your spirit Christie, I will be with you and at your command for the next year. Is there anything I can do for you? House? Car? Anything! You name it!” I stood in amazement as I stared at an off white, transparent figure of a man that hovered slightly off the ground in front of me.

“Umm…H…Hi…Ch…Charlie. Umm…I…guess the first thing I could use would be a house. “

“Your wish is my command, “ and he snapped his fingers then the next thing I knew I was in front of a huge lake that just beyond it, stood a tall hill covered in perfectly green grass with a humongous mansion standing tall and proud on top of it. It was white all over with a brick foundation. It seemed to have thousands of windows. “Welcome home Christie. I know you will like it, for I can see in your mind and I can se everything you want, and make it happen.

“Wow.” That was all I could say. I was in too much shock to say anything else. I managed to work out a “Thanks” after a while but nothing more. Charlie led me up a path around the lake to the front doors to the mansion…my mansion. After taking the grand tour of the inside of my mansion he made me my favorite lunch, “Wow, you really do know what’s in my mind, don’t you?”

“That’s right Christie. I sure do. Now we have to get you a job, no time to waste!” We left the house and I ordered him to conjure up a car for me. He did and it was just the kind I wanted a midnight blue convertible mustang. What a beautiful car that was. I’m too young to drive so he drove. We went to the employment office where I took a test that would decide what job was best for me. “Mailman! Wow! That’s the highest paying most honorable job in all of greater Town! You are so lucky! Now we have to go get you your dragon.”

“Dragon? What do you mean?”

“Mailmen must own their own dragon, but don’t worry, mailmen get them for free so you wont have to pay for him quite yet.”

“I still don’t understand. Why do I need a dragon? And what do you mean quite yet?”

“Mailmen deliver the mail from the air, on the backs of their dragons. When you fly over a house, you say the address and drop its mail and the mail will do right to the spot that it needs to. What I mean by quite yet is that you’ll have to buy food and such for your dragon.”

“That’s cool, but where do we get a dragon?”

“Just around the corner is Dragon’s Lair. We can get one there. I heard they have a very good selection.“ When we got there I took another test to se which dragon would suit me best.

“Your dragon’s name is Lycra. Go our to the field and Rob will call her for you,” said the woman who took and graded my test. We went out to the fiend and Rob called Lycra with this weird looking machine that he blew into that made a dragon call, I’m guessing it was her name.

“You can teach her to speak and understand English with this,” he handed me a book, “Good day miss.” Charlie and I returned home and I asked Charlie to teach Lycra English while I read through some of the other books I had been handed that day. By the end of the day Lycra was speaking perfect English and I had work the next day so I went to sleep.

My first day on the job wasn’t too bad, Mailman is an easy job, and I got paid schillings for every letter that made it into the right mailbox. Being from America I had no clue how to convert schillings to dollars but lucky enough my boss did tat for me and paid me in dollars. He told me he had a little problem with my attitude and if I didn’t straiten up I would find myself out the door before I could say mailman.

As the months passed my attitude improved, or so Mr. Carnegie, my superior, told me and on the last day of my twelfth month I received a notice saying I was ready to go home, “Home?! I don’t want to leave! This place is so lovely and New York was so terrible, I cant go back there!”

“But you see,” said Charlie “you never would have been brought here if it wasn’t for New York. That place was turning you into a terrible person, and Town is a place where those who live such lives are brought to try to rid them or heir troubles and show them just how lovely life can be if they just stay goof from the second heir born. Do you understand Christie? Do you see why you came here?”

“I think so.”

“You were going to kill someone Christie, for no reason at all, and when you return you will see why. We brought you here before it happened to try to make you a better person so that you would think twice before you pulled your gun. “

“Oh…Well…I guess I see. So I guess I have to go back now huh?”

“Yes you do, but at least when you return you will be a better person and a little bit wiser, and when some child tells you a story of a far off land with dragons and spirits tat changed their life, you’ll believe them, because it happened to you too. Good luck, Christie.” And he vanished. I turned around to go back in my house and in its place was the hole, with the same staircase leading down, the same stairs I came up. I started to go slowly down the stairs and as I did, I turned around, once more, to look back at beautiful Town. I thought of Lycra and Charlie, Mr. Carnegie and my other fellow co-workers, and my mansion and my blue mustang. Then I turned and looked down, and I thought of John, and Bob and George, and my mother and father back at home and I realized, maybe going home wouldn’t be so bad, but one thing’s for sure, I am definitely not going to kill someone!

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