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Rational Choice Theory

one of the explanations for the crime problem is the rational choice theory, witch can explain to us that that doing crime for criminals is a way of living, they take it as a career, they are not different than normal people, they are normal-reasoning people, they know what they want and can develop the best ways to get it, and of course the ways or ideas witch are very low in costs and with the high benefits, studying the advantages and the disadvantages, for them if the costs of the crime is greater than benefits they will forget about it and they will not do it but if the benefits are greater than the cost then they will go ahead a do it, in other words, when they face a situation they study it and calculate the results and give a rational judgments.

Some of the central points of this theory are

1. The human being is a rational actor.

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. Rationality involves an end/means calculation.

. People (freely) choose all behavior both conforming and deviant, based on their rational calculations.

4. The central element of calculation involves a cost benefit analysis Pleasure versus Pain.

5. Choice, with all other conditions equal, will be directed towards the maximization of individual pleasure.

6. Choice can be controlled through the perception and understanding of the potential pain or punishment.

Rational choice theory can explain how the criminal mind works and how it can drive a criminal in doing his acts just because the great advantages he can get by committing a crime like for example stealing a car to sell it later or stealing a famous oil painting for a well known artist like Pablo Picasso just because they want to be its sole owner.

In my opinion, the rational choice theory did not explain why people commit crime,

Because of many factors like time for example does the rational actor have all the time to make the right choices and decisions and rational choice theories cannot explain the origins of social norms, especially those of altruism, reciprocity, and trust.

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