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This paper is designed to help you to think creatively, critically and self-consciously about history, the history profession and your role as an historian. The object of this paper is essentially to give you the opportunity to reflect on, react to and synthesize the work we have done in this course. This essay will be worth 50 points.

I. The Assignment

Write a 5-7 page paper in which you address the questions What is history? and What is an historian? To help you think about these questions, you may wish to summarize your position on any or all of the following subjects

A. The Nature of History

Custom Essays on Reflective PaperThe Final Paper

1. What is history?

. Is history true?

. Does history have meaning?

B. The Historical Profession

1. What social responsibilities does an historian have?

. How would you characterize your approach to history? Do you prefer social history or diplomatic history? Do you prefer to work with statistics or works of art? Why?

. What is your position on the modernist/post-modernist controversy?

4. Is there any specific role for a Christian historian?

C. A History Education

1. Has the discussion in class or the course readings changed the your approach to writing a research paper?

. Have you changed as a result of this course?

D. Other Topics

1. What other issues has this course raised?

II. Evaluation

This essay will be evaluated based on

A. Whether or not the essay is turned in on time.

B. Whether or not it is of sufficient length.

C. Whether or not it follows the conventions of standard written English.

D. Whether or not it represents a sincere, good faith effort to address at least some of the issues raised in Part I.

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