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Worley’s Words

Have you ever seen the effects of being bigger than what is considered normal?

You may have stopped at a local restaurant, ran into someone at the grocery store, or just seen someone at the drive thru. The point is no matter what you’re opinion about them is, there are some out here who feel completely comfortable the way they are. Mary Ray Worley, author of “Fat and Happy In defense of Fat Acceptance” is one of the many who are becoming proud of their bodies, no matter what size or shape they are. The article states many ideas from the author on how to be fat and happy.

Worley tries to give the desired effect of making the reader feel like her ideas are something so far-fetched that they are just crazy enough to work. However, even though Worley is entitled to her own opinion, she comes off as entirely too confident in her new “lifestyle”. It’s almost as if just having acceptance for your body size is all you need in order to have confidence or that sense of higher self esteem you couldn’t normally get. Although that may work for some people, there are some of us out here who are more emotionally tangled with the fact of being overweight or having a less than perfect body shape.

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Worley placed too much reference on the fact that people who are fat are morbidly depresses. At least that’s the tone I get from her article. That no one who is under her and her NAAFA affiliates views are so despondent about their body image that they have trouble functioning in society. It’s way too extreme. There are multiple levels of what a person can feel about his or her body. It can be anywhere from the depression and unsociable acts described to just being pissed off that some guy called you “tubby”.

Worley’s attitude would almost seem to be full of adamancy. However, she lets herself be portrayed as someone who, though she wants acceptance for those like her, makes herself out to be persecuting those who can’t accept her mindset. Even though it may be causing her to re-evaluate and live a happier life, there are some of us who just want to be healthier, or lose weight for medical reasons.

Even though she has good reason to pitch her opinions, she came off as more of an icon for NAAFA. As if she were there mascot, she kept going into a lot of detail about her own lifestyle, more than those of the others around her who accepted it. This would have been more effective in making the article more interesting. Her optimism is well appreciated, but I found it to be a bit overdone. She doesn’t know what the future holds for her well being, it’s good to be in high hopes, but she acts as a fortuneteller who can see that anyone who lives the way she does can live a lot happier. It takes will and determination to live either with acceptance or with struggle against any problem

What is fat to Worley, anyways? She never really gave her own weight or the average weight of the people she was describing in her article. It leaves a lot to the imagination about what she considers to be fat. Does this mean that people who are slightly overweight shouldn’t go that extra mile to try and shed the pounds? If she had been more specific, such as people who were in a range of weight, it could have helped the reader get a better idea of what kind of persons were specifically unhappy with their weight, because most likely those who are morbidly obese need to lose that weight, so that they don’t have health complications.

In the end, no matter how admirable Worley’s complaints/arguments are, she fails to incorporate that there are many ways to live, and be happy. Had she not been so dead set on trying to sale one state of mind, her article may have been more effective. You get the feeling of all or nothing when you read her work, and some things in the world aren’t that black and white. Not every “fat” person should feels the same way about why they are fat, what they want to do about being fat, or even that they want to stay fat. Instead of making it feel like a set of rules, Worley should have made it seem more like guidelines to take tips from.

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