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During the Great Depression, which began in the late 0’s and lasted into the early 40’s, the U.S underwent many problems. Although the Depression brought the nation and its people to a major low point in history, it also allowed for a realization of their limited government intervention and gave them an opportunity to change for the future in order to prevent future disasters.

In the early 10’s the U.S. economy was at an all time high. Business was booming along with the stock market and the quantity of goods made by industry almost doubled. Along with a good economy the “Roaring Twenties” also brought around many new inventions and a renaissance of different cultures. With things going so well the U.S was only destined to run into some problems. In October of 1 a stock market crash brought the prosperity of the Roaring Twenties to a halt. As seen in Roosevelt’s speech in document one the time period brought along many new problems. One problem faced was that as factories cut back on production, they cut wages and laid off workers. In turn unemployed workers had little money to spend so demand for goods decreased. Surpluses also kept prices and income low. This led to the problem stated in the document that farmers could not find markets for their produce. In turn farmers began losing business and money. Another major problem brought on by the Great Depression was many people were left unemployed and had to struggle to survive. By the early 10s one in every four workers were left jobless. With so many people unemployed violence began to brake out in some parts of the country and many families suffered.

With so many problems to deal with FDR had to think fast and come up with things such as relief programs in order to bring the country back together. One solution he had to solve the problem with the limited markets for the farmers produce was creating the Agricultural Adjustment Administration. Under the AAA, the government was asked to pay farmers to not grow certain crops in hope to reduce surplus and raise prices. The government also paid farmers to plow surplus crops under the soil and to dispose of surplus cows and pigs. Though this caused many problems with the public because it was a waste of good food that suffering families could use, FDR felt it was necessary to raise the prices. Another solution FDR came up with under the New Deal program was the Civilian Conservation Corps. The CCC hired unemployed single men between the ages of 18 and 5. For a dollar a day the men were asked to complete tasks such as planting trees, building bridges, and developing new parks. Not only did this help the unemployed men but it also conserved natural resources. Another program that helped out the unemployed was the Federal Emergency Relief Administration. The FERA gave federal money to state and local agencies. These agencies then organized the money and distributed it to the unemployed

By coming up with solutions to many of the problems created during the Great Depression, president Roosevelt truly showed what a strong, intelligent leader. By figuring out the problems that caused the Depression it allowed government leaders to make many changes. By learning from past mistakes it will be able to prevent them from reoccurring in the futu

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