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Hello Class,

Monique was kind and smart enough to as a few questions that made me think that you may all have

similqar questions about the ad analysis speech, and so Id like to put forth some clarification

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The speech is 5-7 minuts long

It should have a speech introduction. A good speech introduction does at least these 4 things

1. Startles the audience

. Reveals the topic

. Establishes your credibility

4. Previews the body of the speech

Here is a sample


Then, you will want to try SOUP AT HAND! Today, I will teach you how this ad entices the customer

into wanting to try this new way to drink soup!

I chose this ad, because after reading the information on advertising, I thought this ad had many

of the features that I read about.

First, Ill discuss the headline, then Ill look at the body of the ad, and then, Ill talk about

some of the special design features of the ad!


In the body of the speech, you will do what you told the audience you were going to do in the

introuction. In this case, you will be teaching about the ad. (Remember, info speeches define,

calrify, instruct and explain (in other words, they teach!!))


the conclusion of the speech sums up the speech, and ends dramatically -- maybe with the same

question you began with (if you began with a question).


So, now you know more about SOUP AT HAND and how Campbells hopes that youll pick some up and get

that warm, cozy feeling when you drink it!!!


You will use the ad as a visual aid -- either a large, poster size version, or simply photocopied

as handouts. Those of you MAILING your speech to me, should include a copy of the ad in the


DOES THIS EMAIL HELP YOU? Please ask any more qestions if you have them. Cant wait to meet you

next week -- either in person or on videotape!!!

Prof. Nikki -)

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