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Through out the history of the two party system in America, we can see that in order for the party to survive it must first create a platform which characterizes the purpose of the party but also appeals to the voter. At the dawn of the “Jacksonian Era” in the mid 180’s the “Jacksonian” Democrats looked upon themselves as guardians of the Constitution, democracy, liberty, and economic opportunity. The “Jacksonian” democrat party members, chiefly Andrew Jackson, abided by this platform when making decisions. Several actions demonstrated the goals of the party such as Jackson’s “killing” of the National Bank, the “Trail of Tears”, and the act of stopping South Carolina from nullifying a federal law.

Andrew Jackson himself did not grow up wealthy, in fact his early days were very much like those of the average American. He was orphaned by the age of 15 and he knew the value of an honest day’s work, which reflected with his ideals and those of his party. While he did not hate the rich, he certainly sympathized with the common man. Andrew Jackson and his party unlike the federalists governed in regards to the best thing for the average American citizen. Thus, the “Jacksonians” did not like the National Bank which benefited the wealthy. In the document “The Working Men’s Declaration of Independence”, which mirrored the tone of the “Jacksonians”, states that “[T]hey [everyone] are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights...to secure these rights against the undue influence of other classes of society....by their representatives...” Jacksonians believed that the National Bank was indeed violating the rights of the common man, thus they sought to destroy it. Jackson withdrew all federal funds from the bank vaults and vetoed a bill which would have extended it’s charter. In the veto message for the National Bank Jackson wrote “It appears that more than a forth of the stock is held by foreigners and the residue is held by a few hundred of our own citizens, chiefly of the richest class” Jackson came under fire for the veto by the wealthier classes. Daniel Webster replies to Jackson’s veto message. The Jacksonians destroyed the bank because they felt that such a bank infringed on the common man’s liberty and economic opportunity.

Although the Jacksonians were for the common working man. they also considered themselves defenders of the Constitution. In 18 when South Carolina threatened to nullify the Tariff of 18 Jackson acted quickly and hastily to put down the rebellious state. Jackson sent federal troops to South Carolina and threatened the government leaders with death. Needless to say Jackson did not tolerated unconstitutionality in the Union. Document F represents another problem with South Carolina. As the south realized their precious right to slavery was in danger, South Carolina passed ordinances and laws to prevent the passage of mail which may excite rebellious slaves. This did not sit well with Jackson since he relied on the Constitution and a postal service was a delegated power.

The Trail of Tears relocated thousands of Indians for the benefit of the citizens of the town near the Indian lands which were being raided. Jacksonians again where looking out for the frontiers men of America.

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The Jacksonians viewed themselves as guardians of the Constitution, democracy, liberty, and economic opportunity. Actions such as Jackson’s “killing” of the National Bank, the “Trail of Tears”, and the act of stopping South Carolina from nullifying a federal law, all were for the good of the common man.. In time where hostilities were raging, Jacksonians were able to manage the country in a way that involved the common, everyday person.

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