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“The Cave” contains very interesting allegory. Although the author may not come right out and dispense it, the meaning is still there.

The author is stating, that each person posses knowledge and wisdom, and that we need to bring it out, in order to make our world a better place. Do not walk the path, because everyone else is walking it, speak out. Not all is what it seems. Look at reality, and learn for yourself.

A very important message the author yields, is do not let wealth control life, like it is the only means of survival. Take the time to look back, see how the world really turns. Sometimes to succeed, you may encounter pain, and frustration. It takes time to adjust to different surroundings. After reaching your goal, go back to the beginning, and things that you thought were there, will be more clear, and you can teach it to others. They may find it very hard to believe you, especially when you try to tell them that what they use to seeing, really resembles something else. Like the man in the story. When he emerged from being in the cave for years, it was hard to adjust to the light. It lead to pain, and confusion. After being out into the light for some time, he adjusted, and began to see clearly. He was the able to see what the shadows really were. He then returned to the cave to try and teach his fellow poisoners, what he saw. The poisoners did not believe him, when he was telling them about what the shadows really were. They thought he was crazy.

The author also is trying to state, that the low class, middle class, and upper class people, need to stand together, that they may grow from one anothers life styles. We are all human. It takes all kinds of different people to make up the world. There is nobody in the world that knows everything. Standing together, and listening to what other people have to tell, makes people more knowledgeable. People cannot teach what they do not know, but only what they do know. This is stated when the author writes “the law is not concerned to make any one class specially happy, but to ensure the welfare of the commonwealth as a whole”

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Towards the end of the story, the author seems to elaborate on power, and that bigger is not always better. He yields that people work very hard to get something. After they have accomplished that, they want to move up to a more higher place, caring less for what brought them there in the first place. In the story the politician worked hard to acquire what the people wanted. After being voted in, it seems he want more money, and power. The whole mood changed. It went from, what the people wanted, to wanting all the power for himself. From being a nothing, to being a politician, was a big step. From there it was a strive to receive better outcomes for himself.

Bigger is not always better, and each person posses knowledge and wisdom, to make our world a better place, were hidden meanings in the story. Many stories contain an allegory. Finding it, and understanding it, can be difficult. Reading between the lines is important. That is were all the allegory lie.


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