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In my essay on “The Bicycle” I want to show that Hannah does live a strict life. However, she wants to be free and make her own decisions. Although she is very dedicated to her work she is pulled by her strong desire for freedom.

The first characteristic that I have chose to write about is Hannahs real longing and desire to be free. She said,“I remembered what it felt like to have your hair fly out behind you. I wanted to feel the wind in my hair.” Hannahs desire to ride a bike was very significant to the story because it is the main point throughout the story. She is continuously thinking about it and wants to prove that she has fun and that Tante Rose cannot completely control her life. Her longing to be more like her friends,to enjoy life while she is young, is almost heart breaking, To think someone her age wasnt free to live life to the most, had many strict rules to follows, makes me thankful that my parents arent like that. This didnt stop her though.”I would ride a bicycle,just once, to prove that I was a little bit like Ilana... to prove I had control over my life.”

Another character trait of Hannahs is her loneliness. She seems to be so involved with her piano and ways of life that she doesnt have many friends. In the story she says,”I felt lonely and isolated,increasingly aware of the differences between myself and other girls....”Hannahs loneliness is an inspiration to herself to go out and prove to people that she is fun and she does have control over her life. Her decision to ride the bike is one of self determination. Deciding for herself is something that she needed to do all along. She didnt have to always be following Tante Roses rules and acting as though Tante Rose was her mother. This is a very significant part of the story.

In conclusion,Hannahs decision to go her own way,not be controlled by Tante Rose anymore, was one of freedom. She showed strength by going beyond the rules and doing something which she strongly desired to do . This story showed me how some people actually become so involved and wrapped up in their hobbies that they miss out on life, or in this case miss out on being a kid.

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