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Graduation speeches are a little tough. I cant honestly say I remember the one given at my graduation, nor do I have any illusions that you will remember much of this one. Perhaps the most famous graduation speech, one many of you may have heard of, was given by Winston Churchill in the twilight of his life. Churchill - a terrible student who needed three years just to finish the eighth grade - was asked to give the commencement address at Oxford, one of Englands most prestigious universities. When introduced, Churchill walked to the podium, took off this hat, looked over the assembled students and simple said never give up. Churchill then proceeded to pick up this hat and sit down. Still good advice, but clearly Im no Winston Churchill, and you all are not going to be that lucky today.

where your cap lands is entirely up to you.

But look, I know some of you are thinking Great, find the music and get out… but, what about day to day. Let me share some things that I think you can count on every single day. Some universal principles that I hope youll recognize and take to heart as you undertake this work of engaging the world. These are the things I like to call The Constants.

President Bush, early in his career as Governor of Texas, first talked about these constants. They were his northstars, the things that defined how he was going to live his life. These constants, these northstars, are as relevant and a valuable today as when he first spoke of them. So if you take nothing else form my comments today, remember

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One Treat people with dignity and respect. Try to understand them, learn about them. Its what they want and what they deserve.

Two While you listen to others, give yourself the same courtesy. Trust your instincts and dont be afraid of either failure or success.

Three Dont lie, cheat, or steal. Sounds like an obvious one, but too often were tempted to cut corners. I recently read a story about a Native American tribal leader describing his own inner struggles. He said, There are two dogs inside me. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time. Someone asked him which dog usually wins and after a moments reflection, he answered, The one I feed the most. The point is doing the right thing gets easier the more often you do it.

Four Families are the foundation for our society. In our families we find love. We find strength. We learn values. Take care of your family. Appreciate them. Families must endure forever.

So in a little while, when the celebration starts, pick up your cap from the ground and dust it off. Take the time to look your family and friends in the eyes. Smile. And then look around. This is the beginning of your time, your life. Trust yourself. Everyone here is proud of you for taking the time to dream, and for working hard to make that dream a reality....

In preparation for my first commencement address, I read commencement speeches made by famous individuals, I read essays and short stories. Looking for what to say.

Let me be the first to congratulate you tonight on such an important accomplishment.

Well…I know you’re sitting and waiting patiently for that diploma…like I did 18 years ago….wishing that the commencement speaker would “hurry it up already” and thinking about that trip to Port Aransas or wherever you’re planning to go with your friends this weekend.

Well…I hope I can keep your attention for a bit anyway…I will try to be brief so that you can get on with more important things…

What a fantastic day this is for you!!! You have achieved a milestone in your life that NO ONE can ever take away from you. 1 years of work---HARD WORK---, 1 years of memories and friends that are yours, for free…forever. Be sure to store those memories away like precious treasure…you will need them from time to time as you look back on your time in this place. That treasure is JUST as important as that piece of paper you’re getting soon.

BUT…isn’t it strange that the diploma you’re about to receive tonight only has your name on it? I would ask you to reflect this evening about who else’s name belongs on it…at least on the back…in fine print maybe!!!

THANK GOD every chance I get for them and what they did for me…I guess the old man has learned even more in 18 years since I graduated…..so, be sure as you walk across this stage tonight that you are not alone…..your parents, grandparents, siblings, extended family, teachers, preachers and many others are with you as you reach for that diploma.

As I was preparing for tonight, I read several commencement speeches from a variety of people…and one common theme that I found in them was how each one talked about their career or life’s work and how they got there…WELL, I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my meanderings in the field of microbiology and chasing some virus over the last 18 years…(my wife just loves when I start talking bacteria and viruses with my 6 year old daughter, Haley)…so I’ll spare you that topic and just share with you a few thoughts on what I think can lead to a chance at success, whether it be college, an immediate career, or even just hanging out at your parents house for

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