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Strengths and Weaknesses

Strength is defined in the dictionary as the state, property, or quality of being strong (Dictionary 1). Weakness is a personal defect or quality of being weak (Dictionary ). I have many strengths I would like to share with you and from those strengths; I have weaknesses that compliment them. Some of my strengths are that I am trustworthy, patient, and a quick learner. I believe these strengths are great qualities and are hard to come by however, most all good things have a bad to it.

I am trustworthy and I take pride in that. My family and friends can usually count on me to be there or help them, in their time of need. Even though I am trustworthy, my trust must first be earned; and sometimes I think it is a hard thing to do. My first weakness is that sometimes on the first few meetings, I pass judgment on someone I do not know. I would not say I make good judgments but there have been several occasions where my instincts have been right. This has saved me from much grief where the person was a complete fake and not a good person to have in your life. As well as my own judgment, hearing things about other people also puts an image of them in my mind and that blocks them out, making it harder for me to know that person. After all this, it is only a very few who I choose not to deal with and once you are my friend, you can count on me.

I am patient and it took a long time for me to get here. I used to always rush into things and rushing into things got me into trouble. I remember times when finishing a job meant taking shortcuts. Taking those shortcuts and not waiting caused me more work to be done; and who wants more work? There are times when I catch myself being too patient, and that is my weakness. Patience is virtue and great most of the time but sometimes there just is not any room for it. I have been in situations where I have waited forever for an answer and wasted a lot of time. You just need to be firm and up-front about what you need or want. While you are being firm and up-front, you can still have patience. Patience will actually help you be more levelheaded, allow you to comprehend, and react to the excuses some people give you.

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Being a quick learner has its up and downs. For me, one of the best ups is that I have been promoted a couple of times at different jobs. I was able to take the necessary information in and apply it to what I am doing correctly. It has helped me be confident in repairing things that are broken from cars to household objects. The down for being a quick learner is my weakness. Since there is so much information to take in, if I did not use it and apply it all the time, I would forget it. A Few months back, I set up a new network at my workplace. I read through so much and did so much at once to get the job completed. I have not used that information since. Thinking back on it now, I cannot really remember what or how I did it! However, I do believe I am not the only one that forgets so I do not feel as bad.

My strengths and weaknesses shape who I am. I do not think I can ever rid all my weaknesses, no matter how hard I tried. There will always be something I need to improve and work on. This will help me move forward, strive for excellence and help motivate me. If I did not have weaknesses, I would think I would be a very boring person. I would be so patient and always waiting. I would be taken advantage of and doing things not for myself but for others because of my blinded trust. I would be a know-it-all who would people would not like. If I had a choice to be perfect, I would not take it. There just would not be any surprises and fun in life.

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