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The Meaning of Death

In 00 on January first, the government of Netherlands legalized mercy killing. This astounding news quickly spread around the world. This brought the ethical argument of euthanasia to the public spotlight again. People are separated by roughly two different positional stances; one is a pro-euthanasia position and the other is an anti-euthanasia position. The pro-euthanasia defenders argued that the deed respected patientsf right of free choice to their own death. The pro-euthanasia defenders also declared that euthanasia was the only way to release the horrible chronic pain complicated by some incurable diseases. If there were only a painful death in their future, they would rather choose to let these patients die peacefully by medical technique. However, I am taking the stance of anti-euthanasia, because even though euthanasia may sound merciful, but emotionally unstable and tend to be temporary and hasty. For instance, most of the cases, which patients who have been plagued by chronic medical disorders plead to doctors to die, are so unstable, and their plea is emotional. When the dreadful pains were gone, they would never ask doctors a peaceful death. They are usually asking the doctors to be released from the never-ending pain, or their disappointment which they felt no positive vision in their future. Others cannot assess a patientfs true willingness merely by their appearance. Despite this, pro-euthanasia defenders still approve of patientsf requests to die.

The main purpose of pro-euthanasia defenders is empathy to these incurable patients. They often question anti-euthanasia defenders with the argument whether or not these patientsf dying painfully is a more humane way of death. They believe euthanasia is the untouchable, advanced, medical techniques to operate severely ill patients, but the last sincere care that they can give to relieve these incurable patients from their painful miseries. Euthanasia leads them to believe that they finally can give significant help to these patients in agonizing pain. Also, for the patientsf relatives who have witnessed their family members suffering, it means their loved one is finally released from the observable torture. Other arguments made by pro-euthanasia defenders are the right to choose your own death, they justify euthanasia as a means of pain relief, and so they approve of the idea that people can die whenever they want. People might be able to choose their place to die, and also people have right to choose the time of their death. Literally, pro-euthanasia defenders have never supported committing suicide, but they agreed with the idea that people have the right to finish their life by themselves, which also can say the right to suicide. However, I cannot quite follow that this impressionable, idealistic thought is the truly golden rule for all the people, so I doubt that this deed include invisible failure in its meaning.

Euthanasia practically means medical professions support to commit suicide for incurable patients. However, assisting suicide is illegal and it never allowed by the Constitution or the legal system. Euthanasia sounds merciful, but assisted suicide is considered killing, so they cannot justify their deeds by the emotional reasoning. Moreover, these incurable patients hired medical specialists to prepare a set of their suicidal machine. This means these patients hired innocent people to assist or commit a capital crime.

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Furthermore, if people requested someone else to kill them, Voluntary euthanasia would occur by some medical specialists; however, this deed never means to honor patientfs wishes. Normally, when people asked the others to kill them, their mind at that time might be completely full of emotion; therefore, there are a large numbers of possibilities to change their mind later. Involuntary euthanasia is a lack of logic. Peoplefs empathy for the patientsf suffering may tempt them to consider involuntary euthanasia, definitely which is without the patientfs request. For instance, if patients have been a coma for many years with no hope of recovery, their family may consider involuntary euthanasia. Their decision to choose voluntary euthanasia is full of emotions, and there is lack of understandable logical explanations. It is obvious to understand that most of the patients, who have been suffering from unrecoverable disease and a severe medical treatment, might ask for relief from the torture, but their words were also clearly illogical, emotional, and more, just temporary. As well, it is quite also an illogical decision the doctors or patientsf relatives, who have been observing their circumstances or heard the request, would precede the euthanasia. Both deeds are decided by emotions; they might be lack their sense of logic, so sometimes it might be maladapted their decisions, but it cannot be reversed.

The debate on euthanasia is still continuing everywhere because it is a moral issue. The majority of people had already noticed that killing people is sinful deed; however, sometimes people have done it because of unexpected situations. Their deeds are really understandable, but they can never be reversed. So, people have to maintain their sense of logic, and think deeply before they make a decision especially on such occasions.

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