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Development and Health

1. Infant mortality The average number of deaths of children under 1 year of age per 1000 live births.

. Life expectancy at birth The average number of years a person born in a particular country might be expected to live.

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. Since medical care has advanced remarkably over the past century, even the less economically developed countries have adequate amount of medical and food supply. Another reason might be the aide from the economically more developed countries.

4. The reason for this phenomenon is because we can see form the chart in the UK population per doctor is 7, and in Kenya it¡¯s 10,050. We can see the great difference. People in Kenya are short of doctors, which lead to a high infant mortality rate. Another reason is if we look at the life expectancy, Kenya is 5 at 16 and UK is 77. We can see why the infant mortality rate of Kenya is so much higher compared to the UK.

5. First of all, better facility should be provided, such as better tap water system and regular health check up device. And AIDS is another concern for the people inhabited in the economically less developed countries. Over thousands of babies are born carrying HIV virus. Better education should be provided for these people and even the conception of contraception. And the government should focus on developing the economy and should be asking neighboring economically more developed countries for help and device. Plus the government should set up a certain limit for birth rate.

6. In ELDCs, the infant mortality rate has fallen greatly due to the highly advanced medical facilities nowadays. However there is no great change in EMDCs since the infant mortality rate was low in the beginning.

7. The infant mortality rate is gradually coming down as we can observe form the first graph. In the near future the infant mortality rate would be the same amongst the EMDCs and the ELDCs. The life expectancy is gradually coming up as we can see form the second graph. The life expectancy will also become the same amongst the EMDCs and the ELDCs.

8. We can clearly see the level of health is low in the ELDCs. From the chart we see the life expectancy of Kenya is 5 in 16. Contrary to Kenya, Japan¡¯s life expectancy is 80! We can observe a huge gap between these two countries. Even the infant mortality rate shows a great difference between Japan and Mali. This difference comes from the level of development. If the country is well developed better health care and medical supply is provided. Since the countries economy is well-off the government intended to focus on health care. On the other hand in ELDCs intend to focus more on the economy of the nation.

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