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In the morning you awoke to find that your truck had not one, not two, surely not three, but four flat tires! You realize that the night before you were out four-wheeling in the Arizona desert with a truck equipped with radial tires. If only you would have known the simple fact that radial tires will be severely damaged if used when four-wheeling. I heard this over and over with my one year working at Discount Tire Company from many customers. Working at Discount Tire Company has helped me learn how important it is to help customers pick the right tire for him or her. There are three types of tires to choose from ranging in size and price. Understanding which type of tire to choose from will help you help you tread in the direction you want, with the benefits of the type of tire you might need.

First, you have your every day radial tire. Radial tires are made for every day street use and are constructed of steel belts in a rubber compound. These tires cannot be used off-road or severe damage to the tire may result. Radials are mainly used on your every day car and can be used on trucks so long as they stay on the road. The radial tire you choose will be determined first by size then by benefits. Once size is determined then we move on to the benefits of the radial tire. Radials have good wet/dry traction which is rated by a grading system to help you choose the right one for many different road conditions. The lower the grade, the longer the tread life but some handling will be sacrificed. One example would be a radial with an S which will have less handling and stopping power as compared to on with a letter Z. Radials also are customized for different weather conditions to help you tailor one for your exact needs. Another benefit is that radial tires are made for a more comfortable, quieter, and smoother ride. Determining what combination of benefits you would like in your radial, will determine the price of that tire. Naturally a tire with better benefits will cost more than a radial with fewer benefits. If you’re the type that does a great deal of traveling on the road, then radials are the way to go.

Second we have the off-road tire. Off-road tires have a combination of steal belts with a nylon construction in a rubber compound. Your off-road tire is made just for that, but no damage will result if used on the street. Off-road tires are mainly for trucks, but can be fitted onto cars. These tires provide excellent wet/dry traction off-road. The tires can traverse in mud, sand, and over rocks that would normally stop a radial in its’ tracks. Another great benefit of the off-road tire is that they can handle bigger loads than radials. The tires also have a longer tread life and are considerably louder if driven on the street due to the tread design. Off-road tires can be made quieter, but as stated before, the benefits will be dictated by price and size of the tire. If you know that you will be spending time off the road, then these tires are for you.

Third and foremost is the performance tire. Performance tires are made up of a nylon construction, have a steel cap, and are incased in a rubber compound. These tires are for street use only. The tires provide the best traction on wet/dry surfaces of any radial. Unlike radials, some performance tires have the ability to be run flat, if air pressure is lost due to a puncture. The performance tire also has a short tread life, which is sacrificed for a softer rubber to help grip the road providing the best handling and stopping available in all types of road conditions. In addition, the softer rubber gives you a very quite but bumpier ride associated with the low profiles that performance tires have. Another great benefit of performance tires is that they have the greatest speed rating available of any of the other two types mentioned. Because these tires also range in size and have many benefits, they have the greatest amount of costs associated with them. If you feel the need for performance, then the performance tire is definitely the right choice.

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So if you ever feel the need to tread in a certain direction, you will be well informed of just how important it is to pick one of the three types of tires and the many benefits associated with them to make the right choice. Next time you wake up, you’ll be assured that you will have not one, not two, surely not three, but four good tires to help you tread in the direction you want.

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