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Terrorism has harmed our world fiercely since the beginning of human

existence, until nowadays when the most powerful country of this planet,

U.S.A, has been a great victim of it. From the beginning of cultures and

races, terrorism had already harvested its first representatives, and its


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forever path that still continues. Many people may think that terrorism only

occurs when there is an attack similar to the one Usama Bin Laden made

against the United States, but they’re incorrect. Terrorist acts don’t need

to have a magnitude of that size, they don’t need to have material

destruction, weapons, bombs nor blood. They even don’t have to be illegal

acts, maybe unfair, but not illegal. A good example of this affirmation is

the cruel and unjust enslavement in colonial times and after. Africans were

treated like animals or worse for god sake, and still, things being this way,

slavery was not illegal all though it was abolished later on. One thing is

slavery and another one is inhumanity. Anyhow, this is what terrorism is, its

inhumanity, terrorism = inhumanity. It is any kind of physical, moral or

prejudicial considerable aggression, towards any culture, race or society.

This is why it is important see terrorism from different point of views and

not only materialistically. In the present, the U.S.A has suffered terrorist

attacks, that mostly hurt their pride, besides the fact that they were

towards the world trade center, and two emblematic structures of the U.S

power. But……Is the U.S really a victim of terrorism, unfairly?….What about

the massacre U.S committed time ago, were they murdered thousands of

Afghans and Muslims with no remorse. Has U.S. been paid with the same


The terrorist act against the twin tower and the pentagon was first taken as a revenge of Islam people to the bombing against holly land some years ago. More than two million people died in this cruel attack but there was no chaos. The 11th of September 5 thousands of Americans lost their lives and the world paralyzed, the economy decreased and there was an immense chaos. The US president George W bush started looking for allies. He started telling the states of Pakistan and India to help him win this long war. The countries accepted going against their own religion for money, they betrayed their own culture. George Bush first said this would be a crusade against islamist. On consequence of this announcement the islamist followers altered and in the white house they apologized to their president. After this GEORGE Bush told the world the mission would be cold Durable peace. Islamist once again reacted towards the president words. For them the only durable peace can be given by ALAH.

IN this war Talibans are involved too. The Talibans are the islamist movement that look for pure islamism. They took power of Afghanistan in 16 by force. Their leader is Mohammed Omar, who first asked for real proves verifying that BIN Laden was the intellectual author of the crime. The US gave the prove and OMAR told them to negotiate but they didn’t accepted. Any how this first war of the 1st century would bring guilty deaths and along with them, innocent ones that will die for the cause. THE Economy will probably decrease to an unimaginable point, and if things go the edge the world would be divided in two but we the future is unpredictable.

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