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Ricardo Braithwaite though faced with prejudice was still able to displays moral courage when he applied for the job at an electrical firm and was not given it because he was too black and too qualified for it. This was seen when he said ‘ I could stand no more but stood up, reached across his desk for the application form and without a word tore it up…’ Braithwaite did not think that because he was black he shouldn’t have been given the job. So he left with his head held high and bade them good morning.

‘I am at this school as a teacher, that and nothing more; the council did not employ me because I was coloured, and I have no wish to be used as propaganda for any idea or scheme, especially one you just mentioned.’ From this example we can see that Ricardo Braithwaite did not believe that he should be used as a source of entertainment for people that was prejudice and he told them so. He also did not want anyone to think that because he was black he wasn’t capable of teaching white students.

Pamela Dare also showed moral courage when she said, ‘I’ll take them.’ She was willing to do something for a fellow student although he was coloured because nobody wanted to carry the flowers to Seales, they were worried about what others had to say about there association with a black person despite the fact that he had a white mother. So we can see that Pamela did not care about what others had to say about her and this takes a lot of moral courage.

Mr. Braithwaite showed moral courage when he stood up for what he believed in with disciplining the students. This was seen when he said, ‘I am your teacher, and I think it right and proper that I should let you know something of my plans for this class.’ He showed them that he was not intimidated by their actions and that he was the teacher and he was there to teach and that they were the students and they were there to learn regardless of the circumstances. He also showed them that he was going to take a different approach at disciplining them and he was also going to set his class in order.

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‘Then I tried applying for jobs without mentioning my colour, but when they saw me the reasons given for turning me down were all variations of the same theme too black.’ Mr. Braithwaite although was more than qualified for the jobs he applied for was not given them because of the colour of his skin. He even tried applying without mentioning his colour so they couldn’t tell whether he was black or white. But when they saw him, they would suddenly change their minds.

‘Surprise flickered briefly on her face as she straightened up and move forward to stand in the narrow aisle beside the boy….’ Prejudice was noticeable in the actions of the woman on the bus. She sat down and got back up because she noticed that she would have to be sitting beside a black man. She preferred to stand in the aisle until reaching her destination although there was a relatively comfortable seat beside Mr. Braithwaite. This shows just how prejudicial she was.

Prejudice was yet again showed to Mr. Braithwaite when he took the students on school trip. This was seen when the women muttered something about ‘shameless young girls and black men.’ They thought it not fit for young white girls to be affiliating themselves with black men. In fact they found it shameful, disgusting and disapproving. They did not bother to think how the young girls and Mr. Braithwaite were related but jumped to conclusions.

Mrs. Pegg showed Mr. Braithwaite prejudice when he went to see about the room that Mr. Pinkus told him she was renting. This was seen when she said, ‘Sorry, I’ve changed my mind.’ She was still indeed renting but she just did not want to rent the room to a black man. She also showed prejudice again when she said ‘Some darky here asking about the room.’ From the example we can see that she was prejudice against Mr. Braithwaite for she was referring to him as a ‘darky.’

‘…some of the soup spilled…I sat back expecting that he would do something about it as good service demanded, but he merely stood there looking at me, with a faint sneer on his face. To the waiter Mr. Braithwaite did not need to receive the common courtesies due to the customers instead he was shown discourtesy from the waiter because he was black. If it were another customer the waiter would have quickly cleaned it up but in this case no because Mr. Braithwaite was black.

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