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Dante’s Paradiso

At the very opening, Dante reinforces the idea of a hierarchy of sin when he says “glory…glows in one part more and another less…” (l. , canto I) It becomes clear from the start that there will be levels in heaven, as there were in the Inferno and in Purgatorio.

Dante is extremely sparse in his metaphors with animals in Paradiso. The first he mentions is the eagle. In the context it seems that the eagle might stand for fearlessness, bravery, glory, or freedom, as Dante compares it to Beatrice. There are only about three other creatures mentioned in cantos I-XVII a bear, a lamb, wolves, deer, and a dog. His references to them are very brief, and he does not describe them in great detail.

“Not only does the shaft shot from this bow strike creatures lacking intellect, but those who have intelligence, and who can love.” (canto I)

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“To live in love is, here, necessity...” (canto III)

Here Dante defines the line one must cross to get into heaven. It seems that love, to Dante, is the most important element in a human’s existence, for without it, a person will not survive. To Dante, love is the attribute humans can have that reaches closest to God’s character and goodness. If a human experiences true love, they experience something truly divine.

In canto III, there are some who have made their way into heaven because of their love, but there is something they have neglected that keeps them at the lowest level. In Inferno and Purgatorio, the actions, not the actions undone kept the people in their places.

“…for when a pact is drawn between men and God, then through free will, a man gives up what I have called his treasure, his free will.” (canto V)

Dante’s opinion again emerges here in the first heaven as he begins to realize the essence of God’s relationship with man.

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