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Glspy is an organism that is twenty five feet long and ten inches wide. The male is longer than the female the male is forty feet long and fifteen inches wide. The glspy is a leaf eater and doesn’t have to worry about predators because they look like pythons after having a big meal. The glspy is a unique animal it goes out during to eat during the day and at night it fights with other animals to show his mate that he can stand up for her. When the glspy goes into attack mode it stands seven feet tall.

It can shoot Poison from two glands. That fire the poison at people and other animals and it is mean as heck he will kill you if you walk on his territory. The glspy is a unique animal it can camouflage it self into any place that it goes on. It can become stark white if it touches anything that is white or it can become black, blue, red. If you want it to change colors take it to a wall.

He can also give you warts if he or she doesn’t know you or kill you with it skin poisoning. The glspy is an animal that was considered a delicacy in some countries. There is only two left and we captured the two of them. The glspy is the rarest animal in the world it use to have its own island. The Isle of Glspy.

Then humans started to destroy the island and cutting down trees and eating the glspy. The glspy were almost extinct but they were saved by my team on Glspy Island. It was a male and female now their up to the thousands. But the numbers are dropping in rapid numbers. Right now we have forty because of a disease.

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That we are trying to get a cure for it. In a year they’ll be back to the original two that we saved from the Island of Glspy. We hope they will survive to make more glspys. But if they die any time soon we will have to find that cure fast. The glspy has survived for millions of years.

But they weren’t in danger until the mid 1800’s. Then they started to die out by humans. But the two that we found had kept them self’s hidden from humans trying to get their skin. The glspy has so many traits. That we haven’t yet to discover but are research teams are trying to find out what they can do.

Are research teams found the cure for the glspys and they will survive….

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