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When I was a kid summer vacations were always filled with excitement, it was just my younger brother mike and I, which enabled my parents to bring us to many different places during summer vacations. My mother was a nurse and my father worked at a company In Westborough for about a billion years, or at least that is what he would say.

When I was a child I always dreamed about ridding the roller coasters I remember seeing commercials on TV for Riverside Park and Disney Land, the roller coasters that made me excited. Each summer my parents would take us to Riverside amusement park, I loved the rides and the excitement listening to those coasters and feeling the ground shake as they went around the track, dreaming that I could go on them. My mom would pack a lunch an we would all pile in the car and off we would go. The dreaded car ride; my younger brother was especially annoying on road trips talking, poking, always asking dumb questions it was agony. Then to top it all off my father would always park the car in the farthest corner of the lot not wanting to get stuck in traffic.

Walking through the parking lot to the gates seeing the ticket booths get closer and closer, surrounded by crowds of people, parents with children of varying ages the suspense was almost overwhelming. As we would walk into the park I could the smell fried dough filling the air, mixed with aromas of hamburgers and hotdogs cooking on the griddle. The courtyard area was lined with different shops on each side some were gift shops others selling ice cream and candy of varying sorts. There were benches down the middle with people sitting and eating. Each time we went I would go over to the cyclone roller coaster, always dreaming about riding this massive coaster hoping that this would be the year I was tall enough to ride. On the way over I would watch and listen hearing people scream as they went down the first hill arms in the air then out of site for a moment and Around the corners listening to the wood rumble, and hearing the squeaks from the metal tracks. I begged my parents “ lets go to the cyclone, please”, I always thought to myself, this year I’m tall enough, yup its the year I will get to ride no more waiting. My father would always bring me over to the cyclone, and my mom would go with my brother to the kiddy rides. Well as usual each year went by and I wasn’t tall enough to ride my, father would always pat me on the shoulder and say maybe next year and we’ll go on it together. I hated that sign you must be this tall with an arrow pointing to the black line on it.

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My father was always there encouraging me to never give up my dreams. We had a great relationship, thinking back I remember long conversations with him. He was always trying to get me to make the right decisions. when I was a kid he spent a lot of time and effort with my brother and I helping us to grow up.

We would spend all day at the park running from one end to the other, riding as many rides as we could. One of our favorite rides was the bumper cars, even my mom and dad would go on them. My brother and I would always gang up against my parents trying to win this imaginary competition we were having. Even with my dream of riding this roller coaster not being fulfilled I would always have an awesome time riding the rides I could, playing games and watching the races together with my family.

It was the summer of 181 I was eleven years old finally summer vacation had come no school. I hoped to go to riverside this vacation because the year before we were not able to go, which was a huge disappointment to say the least. I knew this year I was tall enough in fact I’m sure I was tall enough the last year, nevertheless finally I really would get the chance to ride the cyclone. It was nearing the middle of summer I began wondering why we still had not gone to the amusement park, Usually by this time we would have gone at least twice so I just waited afraid that if I bugged my parents to much we would not go at all. The suspense was to great, I could not wait any longer I had to know so I went and asked my mom if we were going this year dreading that the answer would be no. My mom told me that my fathers vacation would be late this year because of some work he had to finish by a certain deadline, I felt some relief but I was still dying to go. So I did what any good eleven year old would do I asked my father, “dad when are you going to have time off”, he told me that his vacation started that weekend. I was so excited “ dad can we go to riverside this weekend please?”, he looked at my mom and smiled “ sure we can” he said. I ran to my room in thinking this is great finally were going. Sitting on my bed I daydreamed about riding the cyclone with my father. I heard my brother yelling something, after my parents told him about our weekend to come, he also was very happy.

Saturday came, I was up at the crack of dawn ready to go with anticipation, my mom as usual packed a lunch and of we went. The dreaded ride; as always my brother mike was a little twerp, “are we there yet” he said about a thousand times, I would give a little elbow and he would whine then begin his tactics all over again. Finally I saw it the parking lot we were there.

I remember walking to the ticket booths looking at all the people thinking how many are here to ride the roller coasters. From the gate you could see the cyclone, as I waited with my parents in line I watched and listened hearing the people screaming the sounds of the wheels on the metal tracks, the wood making this certain rumble. In the park my father and I walked over to the cyclone and got in line, the anticipation was great, as we walked thru each row of bars that divide the people as they got closer to the end. The final row was a wooden ramp, fear and uneasiness was growing in the pit of my stomach I held onto the chain link fence with each step as we neared the end. There you could really see just how big and loud this roller coaster really was. My father asked me where I wanted to sit, probably sensing my nervousness. I couldnt believe it here I was just about to get my chance and I am scared. In my head all I could think about was turning around and getting out of this line. I turned to my dad and he answered me without a word coming from me “ we can leave if you want”. I took a deep breath and said “we will sit in the middle”, he smiled and said “ ok if that is what you want“.

My father and I sat in the middle car and off we went around the corner to the first hill. I listened to the chain clang as it pulled the car up the hill for what seemed like an eternity. I heard the people behind us and in front of us screaming, their arms waving in the air, all I could do was hold on for dear life. Finally we were at the top and off we went it was so fast, whipping you as you turn the corner, then all of a sudden I realized this is awesome, lifting my arms in the air I began to scream with everyone else, it seemed as if the ride was over as quick as it started. My father sat there with a huge smile on his face, I was so happy.

My first ride was awesome it was so fast the wind blowing the screams and sound of the track underneath us, we road that coaster about five times that day probably more than my father could take but he was a good sport. On the trip home that day I remember thinking back to the thrill of the ride I was so tired even my brother couldn’t bother me.

Riverside was always a great old park for Mike and I it filled our lives with so many adventures. Back then there was auto races held there on the weekends. My father loved the races we would go and sit and watch those cars speeding around the track. I vividly remember the smell of burnt rubber fumes of gas, and screeching tires. I remember seeing quite a few car crashes they’re also. Summer time with my family was always filled with great times but I will never forget the day I road the cyclone. none

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