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Priorities Inc.

Priorities Inc. is a non-profit, non-partisan corporation which is politically oriented. In it you will find an unusual mix of citizens from former military brass and business people to religious leaders, celebrities and regular citizens who all believe that America can have a more humane government. Its main goal is to create a political culture grounded in spiritual and human values that refuses to tolerate the excess expenditure of money and resources on the military.

Priorities Inc. is comprised of four entities which work in their particular sphere of expertise and influence as well as in conjunction with one another to achieve the organization’s goal. The first of these entities is the Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities a 500 member strong group which include the past and present CEO’s of such companies as Eastman Kodak and Hasbro to name a few. Their aim is to shift some of the government’s focus of the Pentagon budget onto programs that will benefit not only the children in the United States but around the world as well. They are advised by the second entity which is the Military Advisory Committee comprised of former government and military officials like former CIA Director Admiral Stansfield Turner (US Military Ret.), former Assistant Secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb (under President Reagan) and others. The third is Religious Leaders for Sensible Priorities whose aim is to “shine a much-needed spiritual spotlight on American Politics.” (quoted from Priorities! website) Religious Leaders includes the heads of denominations from Presbyterians to National Baptists among others who represent more than 0 million of the country’s population. And finally there is Entertainers for Sensible Priorities, headquartered in Hollywood. This fourth entity encourages people and celebrities from the creative community to bring their influence over culture to bear for Priority Inc.’s agenda by lending their name, faces, art and music in ads and e-mails as well as making press appearances and weaving the organization’s objectives into the popular culture they create like late-night comedy and TV shows. In it you will find some of the countries most renowned celebrities as Tyne Daly and Susan Sarandon.

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Priorities! Campaign is one of the organization’s projects. It runs a unique communications program which takes account of news media relations, advertising and state of the art marketing. The public relations staff makes sure journalists from across the country a informed about Priority Inc.’s views relating to national budget priorities. National print, television, and internet ads are an integral part of the Campaign and key in attracting members.

TrueMajority is another project that sifts through all the political issues, identifies which are important are important and devises of a way in which citizens can make a difference using e-mail only a few minutes monthly. An example of this was the Virtual March which took place earlier this year. Citizens were asked to e-mail, fax or call their representatives and express their concerns about going to war while asking them to urge the President to find a more peaceful way to deal with the conflict. Currently TrueMajority has also stepped up its effort to generate the people’s interest and recruit members with a four car parade traveling to a number of cities. Each car is designed to represent an issue such as one decorated as a giant piggy bank to illustrate how much goes to the Pentagon fund as opposed to education, foreign and humanitarian aid programs.

Priorities Inc. has acknowledged the fact that Americans have always liked to be involved in politics but have lacked a meaningful opportunity to do so. And now Priorities Inc. gives them that opportunity in a manner that takes minimal effort and money through the internet, an asset in today’s fast-paced society. Although the internet may be able to reach more people more quickly and is less costly, it lacks that sense of human contact which more often than not is more effective in banding people together for a common goal.

By blending together four different groups, military/political, religious, business, and cultural, the organization can reach out to people with varying interests to tie them in to a common goal. This enables the organization to have a much more diverse group of members that can have more far reaching influences on the country.

But, since the country’s focus of the moment is on national security and the safety of its troops in Iraq, the organization’s main objective to shift some of the government’s funds from the military may not may not be in the priorities of the majority’s minds right now so the group may not be as effective as it could be in another point in time.


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