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The issue of standardized or high-stakes testing has and will continue to be a controversial topic among educators. Many feel the tests are imperative for the assessment of children’s learning, while others feel the tests cause more problems they claim to measure.

Standardized tests play an important role in the political aspect of education. Politicians claim the tests are the only way to make schools, administrators and teachers accountable for their performance. The tests can be valuable when used as a benchmark to monitor the progress of schools and students. However, many schools are penalized when the “progress” does not improve. More often than not, these underperforming schools lose funding that they need most. In addition, norm-referenced tests have never been intended to measure the quality of learning or teaching (Kohn). These tests are designed to separate students, not to rate students.

In California, students are required to pass a test before graduation. Many people argue that such an important decision should not be based on a single exam. According to an article in Education Week, “virtually all experts and organizations condemn the practice of basing important decisions, such as graduation or promotion, on the results of a single test.” However, many other states already have such requirements or are planning to in the future.

One reason many educators don’t approve of standardized tests is because the tests may be biased (Kohn).

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“For decades, critics have complained that many standardized tests are unfair because the questions require a set of knowledge and skills more likely to be possessed by children from a privileged background. The discriminatory effect is particularly pronounced with norm-referenced tests, where the imperative to spread out the scores often produces questions that tap knowledge gained outside of school (Kohn).”

In addition to the bias issue, the tests can measure the skills of test taking itself, rather than the understanding of the material. However, these tests play a crucial role in monitoring and encouraging school improvement (Gandal).

High-stakes tests have the potential to be a useful tool in education. When these tests are used as a benchmark to monitor progress, not the understanding of information, they can greatly enhance the quality of education. However, the tests tend to be used as a solution to the problems that face our schools. Until this distinction is clearly made, the tests are genuinely a waste of learning time and funds.

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