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1. Get a charge slip from the drawer and also get the customer’s Yamaha card.

. Fill in the form with the following information

a. Account number from the card.

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b. Cardholder’s name

c. Merchant/Dealer’s name (Yamaha Suzuki SeaDoo of Charleston)

d. ORG# (176)

e. Merchant/Store# (0665)

f. Check the box for Add-on

g. Date of delivery (today’s date)

h. In the description block, put what the charge is for (i.e. Parts or Service)

i. In the sale price block, put the amount that we are charging their account

j. Date of Sale (today’s date)

k. Sign your name where it says “Merchant’s Auth. Representative”

. After the form is completed, you have to go to the computer to get an authorization number from the Yamaha Dealers website (www.yamaha-dealers.com)

4. Once you are at the site, follow these directions

a. Click continue if the main page does not appear

b. Click on “Office”

c. Click on “Credit Card Authorization”

d. You can either search for the name on the account or enter the account number (If you enter the account number that appears on the card, make sure that the name that comes up matches that on the account.)

e. Click “Find Name”

f. For the amount block, enter the total amount that the customer wants to charge to their account. You MUST round up to the nearest dollar.

g. Click “Submit Authorizations”

h. After you have obtained the authorization number, enter it on the charge slip where it says “Authorization Code”

5. At this point the charge slip is completed and the customer must sign it where it says “Cardholder’s Signature”

6. The customer gets the top copy along with the yellow copy of the counter ticket

7. The next thing that has to be done is a settlement. After the authorization number appears, there will be a bar to click on for the settlement.

8. Click on “Settlement Add”

. Once you are at the Settlement area, follow these directions

a. For Finance person, select “None”

b. For YDS promotion code, leave blank if you do not have a code

c. For “Primary ID,” this will be left blank

d. For the Sales category, select the category that fits (most of the time will be either parts and accessories or service

e. Enter the Date of Sale (mm/dd/yyyy) from the charge slip

f. Enter the exact amount financed from the charge slip

g. Enter the Sales Slip Number (this is found at the bottom right corner of the charge slip)

10. Once all of this is complete, staple the charge slip to the back of the counter ticket and place in the top drawer of the filing cabinet in the folder labeled “Yamaha charge tickets”

11. If the ticket is a special order, be sure to make a copy of the ticket before filing it away.

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