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Written Expression Text Response Essay

By Jackie Ramsey

In the novel the ‘Divine Wind, the author Gary Disher discusses the external influences that effect the relationships between the characters. The following paragraphs will expand on three of the connections that were formed in the book.

There are two main external factors that affect the relationship between Hart and Jaime. The war is basically the background of the novel and most of the events are based on preparing for the incident. The first of them to occur was the Typhoon. Hart and Jaime had a basic and steady relationship with only a few rough patches that occurred through Hart’s jealousy and untrustworthy for his friends Jaime and Mitsy. When the typhoon took place Hart and his father were out at sea and soon ended up in the middle of the storm. Hart injured his leg badly and this put him in hospital for quite some time. Jaime hardly visited Hart at all. On one occasion Jaime came by and told Hart that he had been accepted by the Airforce for training in Canada. This made Hart terribly jealous over Jaime because Hart knew he wouldn’t be able to achieve such things with his damaged leg. Jaime felt tentative and awkward in having to tell Hart the news.

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From then on Jaime and Hart’s friendship only grew further apart due to the war. Jaime and Mitsy were meeting in secret to discuss plans to escape Mitsy from the war. Hart takes it the wrong way and hates Jaime. Hart spends some time by himself, and returns home to see that Jaime and Mitsy were packed ready to leave. Hart, feeling anger and fury, acts on the moment and fights with Jaime. Hearing shotguns and rifles Hart and Jaime both realise that the war has broken out down at the harbour. They both hurry to the scene, grab separate dinghies and try to save the wounded people in the water. Hart unexpectedly sights Jaime in the sea raising his hand for help. Hart, still angry, feels he could let him die and Jaime sees this in his eyes.

The relationship between Hart and Jaime basically ends here. Jaime is too afraid of Hart since the event, so Jaime decides to be posted at New Guinea where he is later killed.

The war in England, and eventually in Australia, has the greatest effect on the connection between Michael Penrose and his children. The typhoon and Ida’s departure also affect the relationship that has been formed. The life for the Penrose family was just becoming awkward when Hart and Alice were in their teenage years. Ida was longing to be back in England,

not in Darwin where the atmosphere was quite the opposite. This caused a few differences between Alice and her father because arguments would break out between Ida and Michael but Alice would always stick up for her mother and come down on her father. Hart and Alice don’t have a lot of contact with their father for a while. Although the author does mention that Hart has finished schooling and gone to work with his father. Hart and Michael would have become closer while Alice was finishing her last year of school.

Ida soon left the family to travel to England to be with her sick father, Michael especially was deeply upset with Ida’s departure and consoled in Alice and Hart. Michael was depressed for some time and secretly wrote letters to Ida. Ida wrote to Hart and Alice telling them about the death of her father and also about Michael’s messages. Alice and Hart were upset that their father couldn’t talk to them about the matter. Later on a telegram was sent to the Penroses’ informing them of Ida’s death. Michael and his children would be split more because again their father didn’t talk about these things with his children.

After the typhoon Hart was in Hospital with an injured leg. His father came and visited him but didn’t really seem himself, he was down on himself about risking everybody’s life in the storm. Hart and Michael became slightly separated, both blaming the collapse on Michael. This is then pushed aside and Michael visits Hart every day. Hart and Alice went away with Carl while their father stayed home. On their arrival home Alice announced that she was going to join the RAAF.

She was upset that her father wasn’t happier for her decision. While Alice was away, Michael and Hart just worried about Mitsy, Alice and the bombing attacks on Darwin. Michael has bottled everything up inside him for too long and when he receives a letter telling him about Alice being lost he is put in Hospital after having a spasm. He now relies on his children to care for him and help him through his recovery and grieving.

Alice Penrose and Carl Venning had a short, but practicable relationship. Carl was the owner of a station, Hartog Downs, and often headed to Darwin to take Derby to visit Saltwater Jack and Bernadette. Alice became quite fond of Carl and soon he started spending a lot of time with her, especially in Carl’s biplane. There was quite a strong connection between Carl and Alice, they enjoyed each others company and soon became lovers. Carl and Alice often took Hart on their flights with them, giving him a chance to see all the fabulous sights. The three of them traveled to Hartog Downs, on invitation, to meet Carl’s family. Carl’s station was wealthy and well organised but it was a wife that Carl was longing for. Alice was a little unaware of this until Carl’s neighbour Olive started lecturing Alice, as if to prepare her for a married life. Carl thought that the chat made things smoother but Alice only grew edgy and distracted.

The next morning Carl asked Alice to marry him. Alice wasn’t expecting it to be so sudden so she decides to the to think about it for a while. Major Morrissey came to the Vennings later that morning to propose the idea of having forming a Volunteer Defence Corps that would protect the white people against the Aborigines, even if it meant killing them. Alice thought that the concept was outrageous and demanded Carl to make them to leave at once. Carl ignored Alice’s point of view and continued to talk to Morrissey. Alice was extremely hurt and wondered how Carl could do such a thing to her. Alice stormed out of the room and then asked Carl to fly her and Hart back to Broome. Carl and Alice split up and never saw much of each other again. Alice and Carl really loved each other but in the big picture Carl was negligent and didn’t give Alice the respect that she needed.

Alice was very hurt and shocked to believe Carl could do such a thing to her. Carl never really apologised to Alice, so she knew that the relationship wasn’t stable at all.

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