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By Undertaker

When I was younger, I used to visit my grandfather and grandmother often. I loved my grandfather and grandmother a lot but I loved my grandfather just a little bit more. Then just a few years ago I lost him for good.

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After every visit I couldn’t wait to see them again because I used to have a lot of fun at their house. I spent more of my time with my grandfather, playing games; our favourite game was hide and seek. I had heaps of fun when he took me to the park; we stayed there for hours. Then after all those hours we spent at the park we were so exhausted but we still had some energy in us to go and buy some ice cream. By the time we walked from the shops it was dinnertime. Even though I wasn’t feeling hungry, the way that my grandfather enjoyed his food I felt like eating. After dinner it used to be story time. His favourite story to tell was about the time he spent in the war (World War II).

Little by little we were playing less and less and I couldn’t understand why at that time. But later on we found out that he was very sick. He was diagnosed with pancrease cancer, the doctors told my family that he had the most one year to live. He had to go to the hospital. I used to go and visit him, he tried to put on a brave face in front of me so I wouldn’t worry but at the times I just couldn’t help myself worrying about him because I saw that he was very tired and sick. He had to have an operation and after that he got better. We started to have fun again like we used to. But this time we used to make home videos; it was my idea to do that, because I wanted to have some memories of him. I think that he knew why we were taping, but he never asked me why. This didn’t last for long. He got sick again and this time it was worse.

He had to go to a different hospital now, he lost a lot of weight, and he was under medication, did not move around and did not speak. It was very hard for me to look at him just lying there, I didn’t know what to do or say to make him feel better. One night my parents received a phone call to go to the hospital straight away. My mother started to cry and I sensed it that my grandfather was dieing, a shiver went through my body. I was sad, scared and I had a feeling that I never had before.

On the day of the funeral everyone was sad and crying, standing around the coffin. As I was looking at my grandfather’s body for a moment I hoped that he would’ve opened his eyes and tolled me it was all just a bad dream but that didn’t happen.

The time I’ve spent with my grandfather is very precious to me. Even though it happened a few years ago I still miss him a lot. A lot of the times I go pass the house where he used to live and all of the memories come back to me.

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