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Is Corporal Punishment the right thing to do?

Corporal punishment- is it the right thing to do? It has been claimed to be that the bible encourages us that corporal punishment means to discipline with love, and king Solomon quotes in the book of proverbs that ‘He who spareth his rod hateth his son but he who loveth him is chasteneth him betimes’ this means that is you love your child you should or they should be physically punished. Do we believe that this is right?

To administer corporal punishment on a child means to inflict physical punishment by the means of hitting which causes pain. The use of this method has since been banned in all public schools and in some Australian states private schools included. If the accused is found guilty of using corporal punishment, fines up to $5000 and/or charges of criminal abuse will be applied.

While most schools are totally against the use of corporal punishment, some catholic schools are fighting the corporal punishment ban and seek to use it physical punishment (or discipline with love as they call it) on the students once again. Their argument- physical discipline is one of the schools ‘biblical aims’ and the use of it is good for their ‘immortal souls’.

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How can it be that corporal punishment is good for a person’s immortal soul, when the brutal means of maintaining discipline can lead a child to feel angry, distressed, resentful and fearful? According to the beliefs of good and evil, these feelings are classed as evil which is certainly not what the bible encourages people to be, and how can corporal punishment be biblically endorsed when the churches were against such things centuries before? A simple explanation for this could be that perhaps the schools are hiding behind the bible and just want the power to legally use force on a child.

It is a well known fact that there are other effective and safer ways to discipline a child, without resorting to physical and mental harm. Hitting a child for their disobedience may very well be effective in achieving discipline, but the child is not thinking about what they have done wrong. Instead they are thinking about the pain. The child may not even know what it is that they have done wrong; the only message that is being received is that the teacher is not happy with their behaviour.

The use of corporal punishment can also affect a child on a long-term basis; corporal punishment can actually promote violence. The child will be lead to believe that physical abuse is accepted in society and will use it on others including their children in the future. This continual cycle of violence is not making life a safer place from harm. A safer substitute for corporal punishment would be to talk to the child, explain what it is that they have done wrong and make them understand why. A suitable non-violent punishment for ill behaviour would be to strip the student of their special privileges e.g. Excursions, sport games. This would make the student regret what they had done and know not to do it again, as they are missing out on what they enjoy while the other students are having fun. The offender will feel left out and not want to be again, and therefore will begin to behave appropriately.

With all these negative effects why is it that people still believe that corporal punishment is a right way of being? Perhaps they believe that a good beating won’t do any harm, so obviously they do not understand these negative effects on a child and believe that hurting a child is actually showing love for the child. There are many, many ways to show a child that you love them. Affection is a symbol of love and there is a definite difference between affection and abuse. Perhaps the people believe what the Christian churches have taught them- physical punishment is biblically endorsed? There is only one answer for this statement and that is a quote from William Shakespeare’s play the Merchant of Venice- ‘the devil can cite scripture for his own purpose’ this means that there may be something in the bible along the lines of punishment, but It could be taken completely out of context to mean another thing.

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