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Life Path

It was the first day of my vacation and I wanted to sleep more than usually. Through my bedroom window I could see some children running around and playing while some old women were talking to each other not too far from them. They were the only people that I could see on the street at that time in the morning. Watching them, I noticed that children and old people have more things in common than most people realize because they both have a rich imagination, have lots of free time, and are, at some, point helpless.

Creativity is the ability to see things in a new way, to see problems that no one else may even realize exist, and then come up with new, unique, and effective solutions to these problems (Papalia and Olds, 1). A while ago, when I was visiting my uncle, my little cousin asked me to tell her a story. I did not have time to do that, so I told her to go and play with someone else. She left. After a while I heard some noise coming from the living room. In the living room I found my little cousin playing with my uncle, who is 8 years old. She was a princes and my uncle was a king. He was telling her a story in the way that no one could. While he was talking, I could se the castle with tall towers, stairs made of marble, and the king sitting on his throne. My little cousin was the only stimulus my uncle needed to make up beautiful stories. I left the room very impressed by an old man’s and little girl’s power to create things. Each child may observe an object in a peculiar way or may uniquely express it in art form. “The older I get and the more I master the medium, the more I return to my earliest experiences. I think that at the end of my life I will recover all the force of my childhood.” Joan Miro (the artist). The freshness of a child’s vision may refresh, invigorate and enlighten an adult’s creative perspective and style (Papalia and Olds, 1).

Nobody can have more free time than a retired person and a child. According to the National Health Survey, 75% of time ,spent during the day, is a free time. Only 5% of that goes on obligations. When I am working a morning shifts in the Kroger, the only people I can see are the old people. They are the only people who have time to shop in the morning. Watching them, I wandered what is it like to have so much free time. I remembered that I had had, once, too, as much time as they did. I was six, and the first thing I did in the morning was to go and play with my best friend. The time when I had a lot of free time was when I was a child.

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Children and elderly are often the most vulnerable, according to DR. Mayberg. “Young children and elderly people may experience the sense of helplessness, and children especially worry about the potential loss of their parents or families.” As a child I was very depended and helpless. When I was sick I needed my mother’s caring voice around me all the time. She was always there to give me the pills and to cook a hot soup. It is the same thing with old people in the nursing homes. They feel helpless and need someone to take care of them.

It was a ten o’clock in the night, and there were just a few people rushing to get home from work Watching the empty, dark street, a thought came to my mind “ I guess both children and old people are the first one to go to sleep in the night,” but this was not true. Thus, I left someone else wander why after a whole life, old people get to the same condition they start from.

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