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In contrast the setting of “The Destructors” is in London shortly after the Second World War, “it was the eve of August Bank holiday ” (4). The Wormsley Common Gang “met every morning in an impromptu car-park, the site of the last bomb of the first blitz” (4). The objective of the gang is to destroy Old Misery’s house near the car park. The house was on “one side of the car-park” (50) and it “literally lent, for it had suffered from the blast of the bomb” (50). The house was supported on the sides by wooden struts. The author, Greene, further describes the house as “stuck up like a jagged tooth and carried on the further relics of its neighbor, a dado, the remains of a fireplace” (50). It had once been a fine home with a “staircase two hundred years old like a corkscrew” (51) built by a well-known architect, “Wren” (50), but Old Misery had not kept the house up and “lived alone in the crumpled house, doing for himself” (50).

In looking for similarities in the two short stories, two characters stood out as evil. Greene introduces Trevor in “The Destructors” as “The new recruit” (4). Trevor had been with the gang for several months but was the last recruit added. Trevor has a “brooding silence” (4) that all the gang can easily recognize. He is called simply “T” by the gang members and is so respected that he does not even receive “any ignoble ceremony of initiation.” (4). Trevor visits Old Misery and reports this to the gang. The gang is astonished that he did this and didn’t even steal anything. While inside the house Trevor discovers a way to “pull it down” (5) and destroy it, then convinces the gang to help him. While Old Misery is away celebrating the August Bank Holiday, the gang demolishes the interior of the house. They found Old Misery’s money and burnt the bills “one by one.” (55). Trevor destroys Old Misery’s life savings as well as his house.

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