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1 The area of most concern for myself is global warming because it is contributed to everyday with the use of such things as electricity and cars. Global warming could lead to seas risings and a sudden change in climate.

When man burns coal to produces energy it burns tonnes of coal that leads to carbon dioxide being let off into the atmosphere. Global warming could affect the whole world because natural disasters will become stronger and more frequent, the polar caps will start to melt and seas all over world will rise and temperature will rise, which in turn may lead to insect infestation on forest that may destroy them.

Most metrologist can advises us on the issue of global warming also environmental groups will give information on the subject.

4 In the bible it states that as humans and the superior spices on the planet earth we have an obligation to manage it appropriately so that it maybe be around for future generations to use it.

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5 Stewardship � Being entrusted to manage another’s property.

Guardianship � To protect a certain object or thing, such as person or place.

Part B

My personal plan to tackle such an issue as global warming is firstly look at what things that I do in my everyday life that is contributing to it. Electricity consumption is something that contributes and I could do things to limit my use of it, turning off the TV when no one is watching it and turning off lights. These are small thing things that would not have a large impact on my life but would still save the world in the long term.

When going to friend’s places I could not use a car but rather walk or run to my destination. The use of cars is one the worst factors in the global warming issue.

Maybe in the future my family could invest in solar panels to power some the household appliances. The sun is the most abundant source of energy on earth so if the human rase could harness its energy the world would be a much better place.

But to make a significant impact in decreasing the effects of global warming everyone needs to make an effort, so further generation may experience the joys of nature in all its beauty, same that we all did.

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