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Britain had always been the land of opportunities, prospect and welfare. At least, that is how the most emigrants who wanted to come to the island had seen it. The country separated from the rest of the continent always seemed as a promised land for everyone who searched some kind of peace and life without stress.

History proved that this idyllic notion of Britain was a plain hoax. Throughout the history, Britain suffered under a political, war and economic turmoil. All of the above was a direct consequence of politics. Britain was always one step a head from the rest of the Europe, concerning the governmental structure of the country. But it seems that, although at one point the British Empire was at its highest point, this country never had politicians smart enough to make and keep the country which would be the largest and the strongest empire in the world. The political picture of Britain today is rather a gloomy one. Isolated from the rest of Europe it struggles to find its place among the rest of the countries recognized as the most powerful in the world. The English politicians are searching for allies amongst the American politicians. Although they speak the same language, the English look as if they are completely lost in attempt to follow global plans which the American establishment has created. As their political and economical partner Britain is, for example, obliged to take part in all war operations planned by the USA. These operations could be seen as a demonstration of power and military superiority. But the British nation should ask their government if this power means more to them than lives of young soldiers. In the attempt to gain international respect, the British political elite is losing respect in the eyes of their voters.

Political winds in Britain influenced the economic status of the country, too. The old game of playing a member “when we want to be one” of the European Union isolated Britain again from the rest of Europe. By rejecting the Euro as their currency, the English trade market is left to survive alone between the European and the American markets. Again this choice can be perceived as a Britain’s attempt to keep its sovereignty and power without uniting with any other country. One can argue if this was a right choice.


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Nevertheless, in many aspects Britain is an important country. Nowadays the English language is a most commonly used language. One can be sure that on holiday in a foreign country the English language would be the best one to use in finding your way around. As a tourist destination England is one of the countries with the largest number of tourists during a year. The British Royal Family is the best-known royal family in the world, although today it represents an institution with more of sentimental importance, than one of actual political power. In a nutshell, Britain will always have something of its specific charm, but in the near future it will have to deal with a lost identity of a true empire that it once used to be.

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