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Case Study

After looking at all of my observations I concluded that my child Nicole is going the same pace in development as other 8 year old kids. Her physical, intellectual, emotional and social development all seem to follow along the same lines as any other 8 year old child.

Physical Development

I saw in my first observation that I watched Nicole run, walk up and down stairs and balance on one foot. Nicole had no problems running. When she walked the stair she took the steps one by one but every so often she would try to skip a stair this made her off balance a little but she seemed to do fine. When she balanced on one foot she could only do it for a short amount of time before she lost her balanced and had to grab on to something for support. She enjoys being outside and playing sports and running games. She also likes riding her bike and jumping rope.

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Intellectual Development

During The intellectual development observation I asked Nicole to test taste food without knowing what it was. She was eager to do this and thought of it as a game. When I gave her candy a big smile was on her face and she was pleased. However, when I had her eat a carrot she knew quickly what it was and went to the garbage and spat it out. When I wanted her to reach in the bag and tell e what was in the bag with out looking she became quickly bored and no longer wanted to play. She talks in complete sentences that make sense. She understands time. When I have her read silently to herself she knows she must read for fifteen minutes. She will always ask how much time does she have left waiting for the time when she gets to stop reading.

Social Development

I saw that Nicole would much rather play with others than by herself in this observation. When I showed interest in what she was doing she became very eager to show me. We put together a puzzle together and she was quick to learn after watching me that it would be much easier to put together the puzzle by separating the end pieces from the middle pieces. When she went outside to play with others her own age she seemed to be having a good time. They played tag together and then all of the girls went off later and played house. Nicole is disciplined by either not being able to watch TV or she cannot go out side and play with her friends.

Emotional Development

As she grows up emotionally she tries to act like others her own age. She likes to participate in group activities and is willing to try just about anything. However she does not mind playing with boys. A lot of the time she is the only girl playing with her brother and his friends if hers cannot come out and play. Nicole is always playing with these two other girls. Sometimes the three of them get along very well other times only two of them do and they will not let the other one play with them. When they leave Nicole out she gets very upset. Nicole’s mom says to let the children work it out for themselves and they always do.

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