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The Comparison

In both poems the females suffer because of the seduction in The Seduction she is seduced by a man when she is drunk an he takes advantage of her. In Cousin Kate she is seduced by a Lord because she is tempted by his money.

The blame is not put on the man in question in either of the poems. In The Seduction she blames herself by what had happend an other would look at her in disgust when no one blames the man in question. In Cousin Kate the Lord is not blamed for what he had done Christina blames herself for falling for his money an land then she says My fair-haired son, my shame, my pride, Cling closer, closer yet which suggests the Lord has abandoned her with his child but she still loves the child.

In both poems the women are the victims they have trust in the men an a inocent nature an because of that they both suffer from it because the men take advantage of it.

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The reactions of other people in both poems are unfair such as in The Seduction she would be judged by her neighbours, they would talk about her. In Cousin Kate Christinas neighbours call her an outcast which is also unfair an i dont agree with it because she is a victim to seduction it should be the man who is to be blamed.

In Cousin Kate Christinas child brings joy to the bad things that happend which is good but in the Seduction the child brings guilt and unhappyness because she is to young an is not ready for a child, she wanted a man to be there for her.

The men in both poems do not take responsibility for there actions in The Seduction the man runs away from what has happend an never sees her again. In Cousin Kate the the man (The Lord) refuses to have anything to do with Christina because he is with Christinas cousin called Kate.

Both poems are love poems but are unromantic there about the downside of love. In the Seduction the place which is next to the Mersy river an its dark an gloomy an the atmosphere is very unromantic and upseting. In Cousin Kate it is also unromantic because of what happends which is similer its not a very nice setting its unromantic.

Both poems are personal stories with a point to make. The Seduction makes a point by showing how the media fool or take advantage of young people by selling magazines saying how life should be when to everyones life is the same.

I think both give good examples of what could happen to people in that situation an can help young people to understand and make the right choice an not be victims themselfs. I agree with the points made there good examples to other people. I feel more sympathy for the younger girl in The Seduction because she is alot younger an has not had chance to have alot of fun an now she will be stuck with a child that she doesnt want an doesnt know what to do thats why i feel more sympathy for her.

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