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“ We gain strength, and courage and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot.”

- Eleanor T. Roosevelt

This quotation by the admirable former first lady of the United States, was realized in my COCC (Cadet Officer Candidate Course) training. It is a course in which third year high school students voluntarily apply, to be the next batch of CAT officers. I have surpassed the course and I am now a CAT officer with the rank of a nd lieutenant and the position of Charlie Platoon Leader. This training had certainly had strong after effects, that until now, the lessons I have gained from it is not forgotten but lived by.

The training had taught us alot of things. We were constantly reminded to greet every faculty & staff member and pick up trash scattered that as high school students has forgotten to do so. We developed into stronger and more confident individuals. We were ordered to do things such as dance, sing, and act in front of people. We were also given seven pages of military chants to be memorized. The chants they ordered for us to memorize weren’t simply useless but full of wisdom and of meaning. One of my favorites was the poem “ Don’t Quit”. It became my mantra that helped me through my difficult high school life. With this training, we also had to learn how to manage our time and balance our studies, our training, our extra-curricular activities and our social life. It was taming us into ladies of respect and of dignity.

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Everyday of the training was a struggle, a struggle to be recognized. All of us were competing against each other but yet still have to be united and never forget to help one another. Esprit de corps was important. It was difficult but it was part of the training. We had to adapt to the system. It was like the TV program “Survivor”. We had to outwit, outlast and outplay each other but still work together as a team. But only sixteen among the forty students will be proclaimed the ultimate Survivors.

As expected, the training was not all that happy; there were times of exhaustion and of hurt. But if you were strong enough, you will survive. Everything had to be a masterpiece. If you weren’t giving your best, you were included in the cut-offs. From forty to twenty-seven, and then from twenty-seven to sixteen, that was the final cut-off. The remaining sixteen, were the ultimate Survivors. They were the next CAT officers. I survived. I am one of the Chosen Few. But the people I left behind was of course hurt, and I had to deal with that. It was difficult but that was Life. COCC was Life compressed in 5 months.

But the training didn’t stopped there. In fact it became more difficult and more challenging. We had to prove we were worthy for such positions. We were exposed to rigid training of the mind, body and spirit. With marginalized people, we interacted and learned how to deal with people like them especially the children. We learned things about the military and the significance of each movement and of each action. I found that very relevant to our lives for a lot of us always complain of the meaninglessness of things but never care to know. It was such an experience beyond compare. It was simple in structure yet opens a lot of doors to discover and understand about life.

Now, I am a CAT Officer but not just that. I am now a better person than I was in November 00 when the COCC started. I am now a leader, a person who has gone through a lot of joys, pains and suffering. I have known how to serve and now I am able to lead. I am braver than I believe, stronger than I seem and smarter than I think… plus I have the US to back me up.

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